Top 10 Tips for Mornington Peninsula Holiday Rental

What to look for when choosing a holiday house, cottage or apartment rental

We specialise in offering quality Mornington Peninsula holiday rental – houses, cottages and apartments in Victoria, Australia.  We have had many travellers through our doors in the last 10 years so we think we know a thing or two about what they are looking for.

If you want to ensure you find the very best Mornington Peninsula holiday rentals with good customer service and support for the duration of your stay along with value for money then make sure you check of our top 10 list of what to look for.

ONE: Up to date information – what you see if what you get

A professional website (or listing) with professional photography and a floor plan to show you exactly what you are getting for your money.  This information should be current.  We take new photography if something changes within a property.  If the owners decide to change a sofa or dining table then we quickly update the photography to match.

Take a look at our Sixteenth Beach Retreat property, recent changes to the lounge meant new photography to keep up with guest expectations.

TWO: Easy Booking and Access

Everything about booking a holiday rental should be easy.  You should be able to book online and receive an immediate confirmation.  You should also be able to access the property easily without having to pick up keys from an office that only works office hours.

Having keys in a keysafe (lockbox) gives us the flexibility to allow our guests to enter the house whenever they arrive.  We advise our guests by SMS as soon as the housekeeping department have your Mornington Peninsula holiday rental ready and within that SMS is the code for the keysafe.  So whether you turn up at 2pm or 2am it doesn’t matter.

THREE: A home from home

We set up our holiday rentals on the Mornington Peninsula as a home from home.

We always ensure the beds are made and there are towels and pool towels if necessary.

In the kitchen the basics are always available – oil, salt and pepper.

A welcome tray and tea, coffee, sugar and milk.

A basket of essentials in the kitchen including foil, gladwrap, fresh sponge and dishcloth, washing detergent and dishwashing tablets for those properties with dishwashers, teatowels, bin liners, insect spray etc.

In the bathrooms – shampoo, conditioner, body wash, handwash, toilet paper and even shaving cream.

Our little holiday cottage rental – The Nook@The Nest has recently been renovated and toiletries installed both in the shower and close to the handbasin.

FOUR: Dining utensils for double the guests

In every Mornington Peninsula holiday rental property we advertise you will find double the amount of cutlery, crockery and glassware for the maximum number of guests in the property.

We know that you don’t always want to be washing up after every meal and you might have the odd day guest.

Quality cutlery, glassware and crockery is important we check our properties regularly to ensure everything is kept up to date.

There is nothing worse than mismatched glasses.  There should be glasses for wine, champagne and tumblers.

Azure Beach Retreat our contemporary spa holiday rental in Rye on the Mornington Peninsula is ticking boxes in the dining essentials

FIVE: Comfortable bedrooms

A good nights sleep is one of the absolute basics for your holiday rental so bedrooms are important.

Comfortable beds (this is a hard task as everyone has a different requirement in terms of mattress comfort, pillow comfort and linen) need to include:

  • well sprung mattresses
  • pillow that are neither too filled or not filled enough
  • options for feather free
  • blankets and doonas for different seasons and personal requirements
  • something to cool the room – air conditioning, overhead fan or pedestal fan
  • something to warm the room – ducted heating or wall heaters

Our pretty little holiday cottage Cloud Nine at Arthurs Seat, Mornington Peninsula has heating and cooling in both bedrooms

SIX: Something you don’t find at home

Choosing to stay at a Mornington Peninsula Holiday Rental means you are probably looking for space and privacy. You possibly have children in tow or pets or both.  Our pet friendly accommodation all have secure gardens or courtyards and pets are welcome indoors and the kids are often entertained with toys and games etc.

But generally what do you look for in a holiday rental apart from the essentials – you are looking for something you don’t find at home.  A view, a style, a fireplace, a pool or a spa these things all add to the feel of the property.  You are really looking for a place to unwind in a location that you love.  Guests who book holiday rentals are generally booking properties that will add to their holidays.  Our properties are not somewhere just to sleep but a place to enjoy and relax in. A place to unwind.


SEVEN: All Inclusive Price

Booking a Mornington Peninsula Holiday Rental can be cost effective if you are a family or group.  One of the most important things is value for money and our all inclusive price means you don’t have to worry about being charged extra for:

  • bedlinen and towels
  • wifi
  • logs for the fire

These are part of the inclusions for the property.  At Whitewood Cottage guests can light the fire and know that that is all part and part of the accommodation.  No need to go to the local servo for a bag of logs during your stay, the woodshed is stocked for you.

EIGHT: on call 24/7

We hope that nothing goes wrong with your Mornington Peninsula Holiday Rental while you are staying but houses will be houses and sometimes they just don’t do what you want them to do.  So, if it is a real emergency and you need us to sort something out, we will be there to make sure your holiday runs smoothly.

We can’t tell you how many times guests have locked themselves out or just can’t find the keysafe?  At Mt Martha Retreat guests love going to the meter box to hunt for the keysafe even though we tell them it doesn’t live there…what’s all that about?  Just a phone call and we have directed them to the right spot.


We have been established for 10 years this year and have built up great working relationships with local providers including the Peninsula Hot Springs, Enchanted Adventure Garden, Moonraker Charters and many more.

We know the Mornington Peninsula and we will share with you all our local knowledge and hidden treasures.  Each property has comprehensive information on local activities, food and wine, pet friendly beaches and hidden treasures.

TEN: Award Winning Accommodation

As winners of the Australian Tourism Awards for our Blue Moon Cottages in 2013 we are a company that you can rely on.  We believe our customer service is second to none from the minute you search and book accommodation to the day that you leave.

We really do look forward to you visiting us on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula soon.