Top 10 Things to do in Rye

Top 10 things to do in Rye

Located just over an hours drive from Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula has a wealth of popular natural attractions with a variety of beaches both sheltered on Port Phillip Bay or ocean side with great views. It is famous for its wineries and vineyards and tourist attractions. Our focus is on Rye on the Southern end of the Mornington Peninsula. Here you will find the majority of our holiday rentals, cottages and apartments. But here are some things to do during your escape:

Peninsula Hot Springs

Peninsula Hot Springs is the first natural hot springs and day spa centre in Victoria, Australia. After a huge renovation, they now provide an environment everyone can enjoy. There are two distinct areas of the Hot Springs – The Bath House and the Spa Dreaming Centre.

The Bath House

costs approximately $47 per person to enter and bookings are essential (unless you are staying at one of our accommodation options when we can package the accommodation with priority entry vouchers for you to not have to worry about booking a date and time). There are many pools available to enjoy and an area for 16+ year olds to relax without the children. There is also a Turkish sauna, reflexology walk, cold plunge pools, cave pool and bubble spa to experience. Take some water and you can either hire towels and bathrobes or take your own. Take some thongs to walk in too. There is a kiosk area and a picnic area if you want to enjoy breakfast or lunch while you are there. We personally recommend attending late afternoon/early evening as the sun sets the atmosphere changes as the pools light up. However, some prefer the early morning after the pools have been freshly filled the night before. Its all a personal preference.

Check out the newest facilities including the Clay Ridge Experience.

Peninsula Hot Springs Winter Spa Package

Spa Dreaming Centre

this is where you can purchase a private bathing pool and special treatments, they also have a café with delicious food. Prices vary depending on treatments and it is best to check out their website for details. The Peninsula Hot Springs are open 7 days a week, every day of the year except Christmas Day. The general bathing area is open 7:30am to 10pm. For more information head to:

Gunnamatta Horse Riding

If its that romantic notion of horseriding along the beach, wind in your hair and the sea lapping at your horses hooves, then go to Gunnamatta Trail Rides. There are many rides to choose from and they cater for all types of riders. They will provide you with helmets (and hairnets for hygiene purposes). The staff will match you with the most suitable horse depending on your weight and experience. The guides are great and the horses well behaved. The ride to the beach will take you on a bushland track and then to the ocean beach and takes about 45 minutes and you can take the horses into the water. You will not be allowed to get off your horses but there will be plenty of photo opportunities. There are also pony rides around the stables for the kids if the larger horses are too scary. For more information head to:

Mornington Peninsula Horse riding

Rye Beach – Bay Beach

Rye has one of the best beaches on the Peninsula. It has miles of clear shallow water and soft sand, great for young children with sand banks and beautiful warm water. There are lots of gems hidden behind the tea trees and a little walk from your car park will lead you to a wonderful discovery. Our Blue Moon Cottages are located just 200 metres from the clear waters and pristine sands at the end of Shirlow Avenue or choose Summer Cottage or St Ives Cottage just a few streets further back. On the foreshore at the centre of town is a great playground for the kids and the pier where you can fish and watch the fascinating aquatic life under the pier. The shallow water close to shore provides safe swimming for young children. The beach between the Pier and the groyne has a wide expanse of sand and a swimming area protected from waves by sandbars. There is parking on the Foreshore and behind the shopping strip.

The Dunes Golf Links Mornington Peninsula

This renowned course is set on over 300 acres of gently rolling sand dunes, the 27 hold golf facility at The Dunes is Australias premier public access course. Located in the heart of the Morningon Peninsula “Cups” Region, The Dunes maintains the highest standards and is matched only by the very best private clubs. The course achieves the very difficult objective of being a challenge to the low marker without being a monster for the higher handicapped golfer. Ranked among the Top 20 courses in Australia for the past 15 years. For more information head to:


Peninsula Pantry

This is a hidden treasure! Hidden away in a back street and only really known well by locals (although the savvy traveller is hunting it out), it is where you need to go for breakfast, coffee or lunch. Stunningly good produce and on site cooked salads, pies, cakes…you name it, they have got it. If you think the vanilla slice in Sorrento is famous, its not a patch on the one you will find at the pantry and it’s a fraction of the price. This café is tiny so you need to expect to squeeze in and find a spot wherever you can. You can also give yourself a night off cooking and grab some of their takeaway options. Its also pet friendly with bowls of water out front for your pooches.

For more information head to:

Snorkelling Trail – Octopussys Garden

Discover an underwater world of plants and fish by exploring an 800 metre long underwater trail that leads along under Rye Pier. Underwater signs explain about sea life that may be found including Seahorses, Sponge Gardens, Sea Slugs, hermit Crabs and Goat Fish. Watch out for the venomous Blue Ringed Octopus – look but DO NOT TOUCH. A sign near the Pier gives detailed explanations of how to follow the trail. You will need your own snorkelling equipment. Water depths vary from 0.5m to 3m.

Rye Carnival

If you are around during the summer then Rye Carnival is great for the young families with games and a casual family atmosphere. Rye carnival has also larger thrill rides that the teenagers love as well as a large variety of family and kiddie rides and games. All ride coupons are valid at either carnival.

Running from December 26 – January 27 (closed New Year’s Eve). Rye is open daily from 6pm – 11pm.

The Cups Estate – Winery Experience

The Cups Estate was created in 1999 and is the only winery in the Rye area. It takes its name from the early settlers description of the natural ‘cups and saucers’ topography – the unique and undulating dunes that lend themselves to perfect winegrowing conditions and perfect golf. The views are lovely overlooking what is known as the Cups this winery sits just a stones throw from the Peninsula Hot Springs. The ambiance in the wine tasting room and café is an open design. The owners and master sommelier give expert advice. Try their Sparkling Shiraz it’s the talk of the town. For more information head to:

Go surfing at Rye Surf Beach

Rye Ocean Beach is an exposed beach and reef break that has quite consistent surf and can work at any time of the year. The best wind direction is from the northeast. Groundswells more frequent than windswells and the best swell direction is from the southwest. The beach breaks offer lefts and rights and there is righ hand reef break too. Its sometimes crowded and hazards include rips and rocks. Properties close to the Rye Surf Beach include Ocean Blue Retreat, Sixteenth Beach Retreat and Azure Beach Retreat.

Coffee Break at A Mini Kitchen

Take yourself off for a coffee break (or milkshake break if you have the kids in tow) and morning tea at A Mini Kitchen in Rye, You will find lots of tasty treats to choose from in this pretty café space. Maybe some honey joys or a bag of lollies for the kids or look through their collections of cook books and gifts for sale. For more information head to:


Fishing from Rye Pier is popular all year round. Hire equipment Surf fishing at Rye Back Beach is also popular. You can drive to the back beach via Dundas Street. Turn into Dundas Street at the traffic lights at the Western end of the shopping strip. Fishing trips by boat are available during the summer season. Bring your own boat and launch at the Rye Boat Ramp. The ramp does get quite busy over the summer period but three ramps are available side by side and a small jetty has been built next to the ramp.