2021 survival and burnout remedies

Tempting, isn’t it 🙂 but we don’t…we keep getting up…ironing our trackies (or is that just me that sometimes irons trackies lol, not all the time) and we keep going.  We are a resilient bunch us humans x Here are a few things we have been getting up to lately, to keep going. Here are our latest 2021 survival and burnout remedies.

Stuff we have been doing this week x

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Connected AU Update

We mentioned a few weeks ago that Sian had signed up with Connected AU.  She has since been connected to a 95 year old lady in Queensland, called Eva, who had 13 children.  If you fancy reaching out to someone who is lonely and you would love to exchange letters you can do so here

Baking this week x

The heathy eating plan is still going well…though the last couple of weeks of lockdown have been challenging.  I have followed this great Instagram account for sometime,  Wholefood Simply.  I just bought the book and there are so many wonderful recipes for sweet treats made without wheat and refined sugar.  Take a look at the website for some free recipes.  This week I made this!

Choc raspberry slice
2021 survival and burnout remedies

Peninsula businesses we’ve discovered x

One of the best things about living and working on the Mornington Peninsula are the wonderful and unique businesses there are down here.  We live amongst very clever and creative people.  Here are two local businesses that we have discovered this week.  We will be adding details of these to our website if you want to find them again in the future x

Holistic Hikes Mornington Peninsula

Holistic Hikes
 We have recently discovered Holistic Hikes, a Peninsula based business who specialise in organised, guided walks throughout the Mornington Peninsula, Wilsons Promontory, Daylesford, Dandenong Ranges or the Redwood Forest.  This is something we will definitely be booking when we are free to be out and about again.  Details  here.

The Butcher's Daughter Cakes, Mornington

The Butcher’s Daughter Cakes, Mornington

You may already know this gorgeous little shop on Main Street, Mornington.  If you don’t, I’m not sure I should be telling you haha. We had the most gorgeous Blueberry & White chocolate scones, with Passionfruit Curd and Vanilla Bean Cream delivered over the weekend.  Just supporting local business of course!  Anything you need to do to get by is fine with us! 🙂  Perhaps have these and then book an Holistic Hike.  Details here

Book of the week x

2021 survival and burnout solutions

New York Times Notable Book (2020)
Best Book of 2020: GuardianFinancial TimesLiterary Hub, and NPR

Drawing on Maggie O’Farrell’s long-term fascination with the little-known story behind Shakespeare’s most enigmatic play, HAMNET is a luminous portrait of a marriage, at its heart the loss of a beloved child.

Warwickshire in the 1580s. Agnes is a woman as feared as she is sought after for her unusual gifts. She settles with her husband in Henley street, Stratford, and has three children: a daughter, Susanna, and then twins, Hamnet and Judith. The boy, Hamnet, dies in 1596, aged eleven. Four years or so later, the husband writes a play called Hamlet.

Award-winning author Maggie O’Farrell’s new novel breathes full-blooded life into the story of a loss usually consigned to literary footnotes, and provides an unforgettable vindication of Agnes, a woman intriguingly absent from history.

Podcast of the week x

6 Tips for Dealing with Burnout

This episode from The Accidental Creative podcast talks about creative burnout, but really all the tips work for life in general.

It has been a long year, and many are experiencing some level of burnout.  It’s taken everything we have to deliver our expectations over the past year, and as we now return to a sense of ‘normal’, the uncertainty and expectations are likely to rise even more.  This episode offers six tips for dealing with those moments you feel overwhelmed and burned out.

1. Pause and organize
2. Clear the decks
3. Re-prioritize
4. Time block
5. Care physically
6. Re-root in your productive passion


Short Stay Gaps for Summer

2021 survival and burnout remedies

If you are wanting to book a trip away for the Summer, but don’t have 7 nights free, we will be posting the short stay gaps on our website.  These are dates that have appeared between our existing 7 night minimum stay bookings during the high season.  Take a look there might be something here for you x

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