5 Must-Know Beach Tips For Families With Pets

Keeping your kids and the family pet safe and happy on the beach during your next holiday on the Mornington Peninsula should be easy by following some simple guidelines.

1. Find Pet-Friendly Accommodation

Pet Friendly Accommodation Mornington PeninsulaThere are such a limited number of hotels and other accommodation facilities that are pet-friendly around the world. But since more and more people want to take their furry friends on holiday with them, it’s not surprising that pet-friendly holiday rentals are fast growing in popularity. Indeed, pet-friendly accommodation provides a much cheaper alternative than boarding kennels. Choose pet-friendly accommodation on the Mornington Peninsula near an easily accessible beach that allows animals.

2. Apply Sunblock Generously

Everyone knows the damage that the sun’s UV rays can do to the body, so make sure that your kids and pets are sufficiently sun-screened when playing in the surf and the sand. Reapply liberally every two hours. This is especially important for short hair dogs and special attention needs to be paid to that sensitive nose area. Don’t forget to invest in good hats for both your kids and yourself!

3. Hydrate Kids & Pets

Dehydration is a major factor for kids and pets playing on the beach. Make sure that you take plenty of water with you whether you are going for a walk, a swim or just want to do a little sunbathing. Remember to pack a bowl for your pets so that they can drink and hydrate easily.

4. Keep your Eyes Peeled

It is as important to keep your eye on your pet as it is to watch your kids. If you intend on allowing your dog to roam leash-free on the beach, first ensure that they are both kid and pet-friendly. Watch out if your dog likes to dive into the ocean and swim out. A tired dog may not be able to make it back to land so try to reign them in a little.

5. Creatures and Critters

It is very important to be aware of the creatures and critters that inhabit the beach and the ocean and could do harm to your pets or kids. Carry a first aid kit to take care of minor cuts, scrapes, stings and bites. Have the local emergency numbers (including a local vet) should your first aid kit not be sufficient to help heal the wounds.

The best family memories will be made by booking pet-friendly accommodation and keeping your pets and kids safe while holidaying on the Mornington Peninsula.