As the seasons change so do we

This last week has been a bit of a week…have you found the same?  I have spoken with a few friends about it and it would seem I am not alone.  It has felt like a week of frustration, disruption, resistance and a feeling of wading through mud almost.  It has been such a strange week that I have given up getting exasperated and started laughing at everything as it happened.  I did check to see whether it was a full moon time and I wasn’t surprised to hear hear that there was a full moon this last weekend.

These times can be challenging for us as they often force us to acknowledge our internal struggles and deal with our mindset.  In the past, I have found that when going through one of these phases that it has often been a time that precedes change and sometimes even a breakthrough, but learning to sit with this and believe that better times are coming can be tricky.  

When I am stuck in one of these phases I try and be kind to myself. It’s surprisingly hard isn’t it.  I try and sit and listen to what my body and head is telling me I need, and I make time for that.  This week I took time out for a visit to the NGV with my daughter and we had a wonderful day.  So nice to be back in the city again.

We often get caught up in what we ‘should’ be doing and tell ourselves we don’t have the time to do what we need for ourselves.  You make time for things that matter and you matter.

This too shall pass x

As the seasons change so do we

What inspired us this week x

Visit to the Triennial Exhibition at the NGV

Feeling the need for a change of scenery and day away from work I took a day out and visited the Triennial exhibition at the NGV.  I went with no expectations, even though I have seen so many friends share their experiences on Instagram, but was so impressed with this exhibition.  Such variety and truly something for everyone.  The way these artworks were displayed was innovative and so inspiring.  It was so lovely to be back in the CBD again, sitting outside in the sun drinking coffee on Southbank…bliss

The Triennial Exhibition at the NGV
This was my favourite…I want one for my TV at home…I could watch it all day

What we have been listening to x

What we are listening to

This podcast came up whilst I was writing this! How spooky and apt?!

This episode comes from the Happy Place podcast where Fearne Cotton interviews Rhonda Byrne.  Do you believe the thoughts in your head without question?  Rhonda Byrne explores why you shouldn’t believe any of your negative thoughts, because none of them are true.  In this chat with Fearne, the iconic author of The Secret explains why embracing your inner child might just be the key to the ever-lasting happiness.  If you are interested you can listen here

What’s on this Labour Day Weekend x 

We are fully booked this weekend, but there is loads going on down on the Peninsula if you fancy a day out!

Bathe in Cinema at Peninsula Hot Springs x 

Friday night at Peninsula Hot Springs

All movies are complimentary with Revitalise Bath House bathing and will be screening every Friday night in March, plus a special (rescheduled) Valentine’s Day screening on Sunday, 14th March.
Grab your bathers, grab your friends and get ready to soak under the stars in natural hot springs pools in front of classic comedy films.
It’s high time we had a laugh. Join Peninsula Hot Springs every Friday night in March for the extended season of their iconic open-air Bathe In Cinema.

Friday 5 March: Zoolander
Friday 12 March: The Wedding Singer
Sunday 14 March: Are We Officially Dating?
Friday 19 March: The Heat
Friday 26 March: Crackerjack

Buy from the Makers & Creators x 

Do you just love it when you pass market stalls out in the open? Whether that be in a field or along the bustling shopping strip. Don’t you just love exploring stalls filled with delicious food, fresh produce, beautiful homewares and handmade jewellery?

The Mornington Peninsula Markets has some of the best in the country and in some of the most stunning locations. Suitable for the entire family, (and sometimes including the pooch), these wonderful markets make for a perfect day exploring.  Here are two markets on this weekend.

Moorooduc Station Market

This NEW Monthly maker and foodie market, is set at the historic Moorooduc Railway Station Site, in Mt Eliza on the Mornington Peninsula. The 1st market was a huge success and offer’s a great family day out with the opportunity to shop local at Makers stalls, then also ride the historic train into Mornington and back and enjoy the picturesque scenery of the Mount Eliza Regional Park.

Best time to go: 7th March, 10am – 2pm

Point Nepean Portsea Market

At the Portsea Market, the almost 230 stallholders are masters of their trade, all products offered are expertly made and professionally presented with an essence of the maker’s humility evident.

Original Jewellery designs make a perfect gift ready to wrap. A whole range of exciting foods and beverages are represented, all fresh and tempting.

The Point Nepean Portsea Market is at the historic Quarantine Station by the beach. As its a National Park there are NO DOGS ALLOWED.

Where: Point Nepean Road, Portsea
Best time to go: 6th March, 9am – 2pm

As we go into Autumn, there is still so much to do on the Mornington Peninsula

From May 1st to August 31st, stay with us for the weekend and get Sunday for free! All you need to do is subscribe to our newsletter x

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