Holiday rentals Rye and Tootgarook Beach is situated alongside the shimmering Port Phillip Bay. It’s an extension of the neighboring Rosebud West Beach, and the shallow waters are safe for children and adults alike. Much of it is less than 8 kilometres deep and its greatest depth is 24 metres. Don’t forget a blanket to lay out for a relaxing afternoon of sunbathing, and pack a picnic beforehand to enjoy out on the warm sand while watching the sun set over the horizon. You can join in on one of the friendly beach games - this is a prime gathering spot for locals, who welcome visitors with open arms. Visitors can also take advantage of the seasonal boat launch ramp.


Hidden Kitchen Rye Tootgarook

The Hidden Kitchen

77a Mathis Ave, Tootgarook, Vic, 3941

Using local (From our gardens or Tootgarook when possible!) produce, we create a fantastic range of yummy delights everyday. Homemade jams & relishes festoon the shelves, our fridge is chock full of edible goodies, from house smoked pulled pork rolls to handmade family sized quiche, there’ll be something for everyone!


The Kitchen Rye

The Kitchen

1917 Point Nepean Rd, Tootgarook VIC 3941

The Kitchen - A place that feels like home

I don't mean that in a sense that the place is covered in dog hair, the tv is blaring, the kids are screaming and there's lego all over the floor; more in a sense that you feel welcomed, content and at home from the minute you enter, right up until you leave.

I wanted to create a place, that I myself, would want to visit on a regular basis.  A place where your name is more important to me than your money is. A place where you feel like a regular from your first visit. A place where you feel like a part of our family. A place you felt you've been before. A place that feels like home....

Ok, so we have fancy wine glasses, twinkling candles, nice chairs and really shiny cutlery, but don't let that fool you... We're humble, both in our service and in our food, and pretentiousness and oversized egos were banished from the premises the day we started trading.  We like looking the part, but life's too short for airs and graces...

We do this simply because we love what we do; from the sourcing of quality local produce, to selecting the finest Mornington Peninsula wines, there's no other reason needed...


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