Bringing Fido Along: Essential Tips for Travelling with Pets

There’s no way you could leave your precious pup behind when you’re going on a holiday. Those puppy dog eyes when they see the suitcase being packed, the inability to tell them you’ll be back in just a few days, the thought of them being bored at grandma’s house – it’s all too much!

But thankfully, nowadays, holiday homes are a lot more accommodating for fur babies. Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats have over 30 listings on Mornington Peninsula which are pet-friendly!

Travelling with pets is easy. With the right gear and choice of accommodation, both you, your party and your pets will have a pawsome time on holiday. Here are our essential tips for travelling with furry friends:

Schedule a check-up

Before going on holiday with your pet, it’s a good idea to schedule a quick check-up with your vet. This way you can sort out any potential issues that may occur with your pet and be prepared – whether your dog is allergy-prone or has a medical condition. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Road trip safety essentials

Humans love road trips, puppers love road trips. For a great holiday, let’s ensure we all get to our destination safe and sound. There’s a myriad of modern products to help you keep your dog safe while travelling in a car – from crates to doggie seat belts. These could be lifesaving in the event of an accident, regardless of whether it’s the law or not to harness your dog in a moving vehicle.

Comfort items

If your dog tends to get a little homesick or anxious in new places, it’s best to bring a few comforting items along, just to give them a sense of familiarity. Their favourite toy, blanket or bed usually does the trick. Don’t forget that your pup is on holiday too, so it’s time to spoil them with a couple of tasty treats like raw bones and other snacks.

Pet-friendly accommodation

Ensure your holiday home has everything your pet needs. While some places may simply say they’re pet-friendly, check that it has secure fences, a big enough yard, shady areas and a kennel for your pooch. Also ensure it’s close to your dog’s favourite types of places, like beaches or dog parks.

At Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats, we want to give your fur baby the absolute best time on holiday. That’s why we’ve made 33 of our Mornington Peninsula holiday homes pet-friendly, with plenty of yard space, shade and indoor spots for your dog to roam around in and be free. We love helping you and your pooch make fond memories! Our range of stylish, luxurious homes on Mornington Peninsula cater for all sizes of family – from couples with one pup to families with packs of hounds. Just get in touch with the team at Ocean Blue to learn more about our pet-friendly pads and start planning the holiday of a lifetime.