Cooking Classes and Farm-to-Table Experiences on the Mornington Peninsula

Food, glorious food! We Australians are lucky to enjoy a high standard of cuisine, but Mornington Peninsula’s food scene is on another level. With some of the country’s freshest produce, best wine and award-winning cheese, Mornington Peninsula is a foodie haven.

One of the big attractions of this stunning region is food. You’ve got the chance to take a cooking class or experience farm-to-table dining, eating your way through the Mornington Peninsula.

Interested in becoming a master chef, or tasting some of the region’s freshest ingredients? Here’s everything you need to know about cooking classes and farm-to-table experiences on the Mornington Peninsula:

Cooking classes on Mornington Peninsula

Cooking, learning and having fun – this is what cooking classes are all about! Mornington Peninsula has several specialised cooking classes, using local ingredients to make nutritious and inspiring meals. Some of our region’s most popular cooking classes include:

  • Chef Jacqui’s French Cooking Classes – discover the mastery of French cooking with a classically French-trained chef.
  • The Olive Tree Cooking School – learn about a range of cuisines and perfect your macaroon-making at this northern Mornington Peninsula cooking school.
  • Carmela’s Cucina Class – pasta lovers unite. This Italian-oriented cooking class will have you elevating your risotto game in no time.

Farm-to-table dining experiences Mornington Peninsula

Love nothing more than a bite of fresh, organic food? At Mornington Peninsula, this is our bread and butter… literally. There are several farm-to-table dining experiences that may tickle your fancy, showcasing some of the region’s finest produce. Check out the range of options for farm-to-table experiences online and ask the team at Ocean Blue for recommendations!

Wine tastings Mornington Peninsula

And, of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without a few wine tasting recommendations. Victoria’s most esteemed and celebrated wine region, Mornington Peninsula is the place to be for enthusiasts of vino. Our favourite wineries include Main Ridge Estate, Red Hill Estate, Pt Leo Estate and many others.

Best holiday homes for cooking, farm-to-table and wine experiences

Want to base your trip to Mornington Peninsula around culinary experiences? Here are our best holiday homes available:

  • Bass Vista
    A stunning Cape Schanck home which has access to the region’s best wineries.
  • Joie de Vivre
    Situated right in the food and wine region of Red Hill, Joie de Vivre is a luxurious pad that’s perfect for food-based visit to MP.
  • La Via del Mare
    Beach meets tastebuds at this seaside hangout, in close proximity to all the best cafes as well as wineries in the region.

Let the flavours of Mornington Peninsula guide your experience here. Your perfect culinary getaway starts with Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats. Our luxury listings are varied in size, location and vibe, giving you plenty of options for finding the right holiday home. Discover boutique and luxury beachside accommodation just an hour’s drive from Melbourne and book in today with the team at Ocean Blue!