Craving A Simpler Life

Hello Everyone

How are you going?  Good I hope x 

So the lockdown restrictions have started to ease here in Victoria.  That’s great news in lots of ways.  The kids can start to think about going back to school and seeing their friends, many can begin to hope they may get back to work and will sleep a little easier and we can start to imagine life getting back on track.  We can’t travel too far as yet, but it probably won’t be long. 

But, am I alone in experiencing the tightening knot in my stomach at the prospect of the lockdown bubble bursting?  I am sure there will be many of us who will look back at this pause in ‘normal’ and will share a sense of regret for it’s passing.  Yes, there is extreme hardship and most of us won’t escape a financial impact, but for all that, this has been a gentler time, a time for kindness, less frenzy and a dawning of appreciation. We have come to value those we love, ones close by and the ones out of reach.  The luxury of idling and not running our lives against a ticking clock.  The joy found in supporting local businesses who have really been there for us and the feeling of community that has returned to our neighbourhoods.

Now may well be the moment to make the most of the time left and also take note of the beneficial impact that simpler lifestyles have had on us and insist that when the time comes we won’t be tempted to jump straight back on the treadmill and re-embrace all our bad habits.  Let’s hope we can be strong enough to continue with all the life joys we have rediscovered.  Interaction with our kids, adults with time to talk to each other, to walk, read, cook and even play cards or do a puzzle.

Things we have been loving this week x

craving a simpler life and soup

This recipe is one of my weekly go tos during the Winter.  Roasted Pumpkin Soup just oozes comfort and is so easy to make.  Here is the recipe from the wonderful

WHAT WE ARE FORCING OUR KIDS TO DO (FOR THEIR OWN GOOD HAHA!)  This week Sian introduced her teenage son James to the movie of Westside Story and we forced my 9-year old stepson Tex to watch Harry Potter and he LOVED it, of course!! haha.

Cilka’s Journey – Heather Morris – Goodreads 4.4 stars
City of Girls – Elizabeth Gilbert – Goodreads 4.05 stars

Boy Swallows Universe – Trent Dalton – Goodreads 4.43 stars
More Myself: A Journey – Alicia Keys – Goodreads 4.24 stars

Morning Walks – The air may be a little fresher, but there is nothing like a walk along the beach to clear those cobwebs. 
Our Dogs – who force us out for walks, even when its chilly…it’s always worth it once you get out of the door.
Our Cosy Homes – We are all so blessed to have a cosy homes to go home to and isolate in, and recognise not everyone is so lucky x  

craving a simpler life - walks along the beach