Good Things Still Happen

Hi everyone

How are you going?  I hope you are well.  The lovely weather at the weekend certainly helped make everything feel a bit better didn’t it.  I’d had big plans to start weeding my garden, but I tweaked my back on Friday and that put an end to that haha.  The universe obviously didn’t want me gardening!  The garden is not the only thing getting out of control, my dogs are both being overtaken by the fur, but we have to continue to be patient….we are getting good at patience aren’t we…or maybe not haha. 

Honestly, this week I am struggling with patience.  In my head I am starting to stamp my feet like a naughty toddler.  I don’t want to sit with this discomfort anymore.  I know that everything we feel in life is affected by how we choose to look at it.  That we can either choose to think we are trapped and restricted right now or we can choose to think we are being kept safe, but it always seems to be the easier option to fall into the victim mode doesn’t it.  I do have to keep reminding myself that yes, the circumstances are not ideal, and that we do have the power to choose how each day will be, but surely it’s okay to stamp your feet like a toddler occasionally?  ūüôā

Sitting down to write this newsletter has helped me to change my perspective, for this morning anyway :).¬† I am refusing to join the negativity bandwagon.¬† We are uncomfortable, but if we look closely good things are still happening.¬† There is always good and there is always bad, but we can choose which one we want to focus on.¬† The podcast I mention below helped me…it might help you too if you are struggling this week x

photo of mabel with very long fur
Mabel – being taken over by the fur

What’s been inspiring this week x

I treated myself to a new iPad recently and am absolutely loving it.  I have been wanting to learn how to do computer illustration using Procreate.  If you haven’t had a go you need to.  It’s a great thing to play on whilst watching TV and it keeps your hands busy, so you don’t eat as much chocolate!…double win

Another great app for iPad I discovered this week is¬†Planner 5D.¬† Watching The Block always gets me thinking about how we can renovate our house.¬† We have been living in it for near 2 years now and we still need to make it our own.¬† On this app you can easily put in your floor plan and play with moving rooms and furniture around…then you can look at it in 3D!

Example of drawing with Procreate
First attempts
Images of Planner 5D
Image of Planner 5D

Remember, if you ever need help with home styling, whether it is to enjoy yourself or if selling your home, our sister business Zhush-It can help. 

Check out¬†Zhush-It’s¬†website to see all the services we offer, useful blog posts with advice, and some gorgeous bespoke home furnishings x

Good things still happen with cushions from Zhush-It

Just for Fun Classes x

Taking time to unwind with a fun activity is the perfect way to de-stress, relax, and enjoy the moment!¬† Here are a few ‘just for fun’ classes on Skillshare, to help you unwind.

examples of courses with Skillshare

Samantha Dion Baker’s Sketchbook Illustration for All

Learn how to transform your creative practice through daily sketching.

Learn here

examples of courses with skill share
Good things still happen

Emily Henderson’s Style Your Space: Creative Tips and Techniques for Interior Design

Learn how to create a space that feels like home¬†–¬†Learn here

examples of courses with Skillshare

Julia Turshen’s Versatile Baking: The One Dough You Need to Know

Beloved chef Julia Turshen shares how to make a no-fail yeast dough

Learn here

Podcast of the week x

How to Failwith Elizabeth Day interviews Mo Gawdat.  This podcast episode helped me get my head in the right place this week.  Mo Gawdat wrote a book called Solve For Happy: Engineer Your Path to Joy.  Mo wrote this book after the premature death of his 21 year old son when having routine surgery. Listen here

Movies x

Movie poster for On The Basis of Sex

We watched this movie this week.¬† I have to admit I didn’t know a lot about Ruth Bader Ginsburg before her death a few weeks ago.¬† On the Basis of Sex was a great watch…what an amazing woman.¬†¬†Watch the trailer

That’s just some of the stuff we’ve been up to this week¬†xxx take care