Health and Fitness Retreats: Rejuvenating Your Body and Mind

In today’s fast-paced environment, focussing on our health and fitness has never been harder. It seems like everything in life is there to actually pull us away from staying active and eating healthy: that 45-minute commute to work, those cookies on the staffroom table, the school pick-up, the brain-drain experienced after a typical work day… when are we supposed to get our 30 minutes of daily fitness in, and cook nutritious meals?

Well, the answer is simple: on a health and fitness retreat on the Mornington Peninsula!

If your holiday mode looks like healthy meals and loads of exercise, Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats has several tips and suggestions for planning your perfect trip. Let’s find out about Mornington Peninsula’s best accommodation for health and fitness retreats to rejuvenate the body and the mind:

What makes great health and fitness retreat accommodation?

There’s a lot more to the ideal health and fitness retreat than you’d think. Sure, a bunch of gym equipment certainly helps, but there are several other factors to consider when planning your dream health and fitness retreat on the Mornington Peninsula:

  • Proximity to the beach
    If ocean swimming and beach running is a big part of your routine, then it’s simply essential to book accommodation that’s close to the beach. Swimming and beach running are two fantastic ways to burn calories, increase your heart rate and train muscles which you usually wouldn’t in a normal workout.
  • Proximity to trails
    Avid hiker, are we? Forget about booking somewhere in town – make the trail your backyard! There are dozens of incredible hikes on the Mornington Peninsula, just waiting to be conquered. Coastal hikes are the best way to refresh your mind.
  • Fully-equipped kitchen
    There’s no point putting in all that work if you’re just ordering takeout every night, right? That’s why it’s good to make sure your accommodation has a fully-stocked kitchen for making nutritious post-workout meals.
  • Home gym and sauna
    And if you’re passionate about muscle training, it’s ideal to book a place with a home gym and a sauna. The Finnish love their saunas, and they’re the world’s happiest people!

Best accommodation for health and fitness retreats

Here are some of our best health and fitness retreats on the Mornington Peninsula:

  • Cape House
    Right next to the RACV 18-hole golf course, Fingal Beach and several of the region’s best walking tracks. House is fully equipped with kitchen, gym and sauna too!
  • The Leaning Tree
    Super close to Rosebud and Tootgarook beaches; ideal for swimming and beach running.
  • Baja
    Minutes from Sixteenth Beach, perfect for kayaking and swimming. Point Nepean National Park and its coastal track is in walking distance. Comes with a heated pool for some morning laps!

Getting ready for the health and wellness getaway of a lifetime? Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats has the best Mornington Peninsula stays for active travellers. Having handpicked gorgeous locations close to beaches, hiking trails and with plenty of space and equipment for activities, we’ve ensured our Mornington Peninsula listings tick all the right boxes for health and rejuvenation. Browse our fabulous range of accommodation and make a booking today.