Hidden Treasures of the Mornington Peninsula – Summer Edition

Luxury Accommodation – Mornington Peninsula – Hidden Treasures

Luxury accommodation is not only about the place you rest your head  but the experiences you enjoy while you stay. One of our core values is the ‘sharing of knowledge‘ so when our guests come to stay we want to share the knowledge that we have gathered since we have lived and worked on the Mornington Peninsula (almost 10 years of checking out attractions, wineries, restaurants and local beaches and parks).  What do we really highly recommend when our guests come to visit?

luxury accommodation mornington peninsula
Luxury Accommodation Mornington Peninsula needs luxury experiences

This summer we are getting on our hobby horse about a fabulous attraction which we think is the quintessential experience on the Mornington Peninsula.  We recently visited this attraction (bowing our head in shame that we did not get around to it before) and were blown away with what they do and just how well they do it.

Visitors come from far and wide looking for Luxury Accommodation Mornington Peninsula (visitors from Singapore arrived while we were there looking for preserves and chutneys to sample) to visit this classy establishment.  This fits perfectly with our guests who look for luxury accommodation on the Mornington Peninsula together with food and wine experiences and appreciate the attention to detail here and the meticulous grounds.

If you love luxury accommodation, are a bit of a gourmet, love to take your dog with you when you visit the attractions then this place ticks all the boxes..

Dog Friendly Mornington Peninsula attractions
Dog Friendly venue

Introducing Green Olive at Red Hill…

This is the place to experience a taste of the Mornington Peninsula all in the one place.  A tasting station for all the produce that is produced on the surrounding land of this property.  Go there to eat, drink, cook and shop.

Eat – they grow olives, grapes, herbs and veggies, raise sheep and chooks and turn their amazing produce into a range of tapas and goodies that they serve throughout the day.  You will not find anything on the menu that is not grown or nurtured on their land.  The only exception is the cheese that comes from next door…we will forgive them that.

Cook – they love sharing their knowledge of food with guests and host cooking classes to learn the secrets of sausages, pasta, desserts and coming soon using the Pizza oven.  If you are a hens group and looking for something different to do on your weekend away when you are staying in your luxury accommodation Mornington Peninsula then what about a half day of cooking and then lunch and wine tasting and take away your produce and your apron!  or if you are looking for a corporate event then we have a great location for luxury accommodation Mornington Peninsula that would suit groups with a small conference room and activities such as golf, tree surfing and cooking classes here at Green Olive at Red Hill..what a great bonding session!

Luxury Accommodation needs luxury experiencesShop – Green Olive are famous for their hampers but you can buy all their produce here including extra virgin olive oil and dukkah, relishes and jams to mention but a few items.

The owners Greg and Sue O’Donoghue are pioneers for sustainable tourism and allow you the visitor to experience everything that they are able to achieve with the produce that they grow and nurture.  They are a family business with their children and two Kelpies (inca and Rasa), Maremma (Pisa), 40 sheep, 60 chooks and Indian Runner Ducks!

Their piece of paradise is 27 acres of red fertile soil that allows them to grow and produce premium quality food for their visitors.

They capture all their own water and store it in large above ground tanks.  All irrigation for the farm comes from the large dam that collects water from the natural spring and general water runoff.  All waste water is processed naturally in an aeration treatment plant and then irrigated onto the paddocks that subsurface irrigation.

All kitchen leftovers are fed to their chooks or composted with chook manure then returned to the garden.

Almost all their cooking is done in their woodfire oven, with wood collected from fallen timber on the property or, if necessary, specially sourced plantation timber. Installed on the roof the the farm shop are photovoltaic panels to generate enough power for then to use and any extra power is returned back to the grid.

Here is what one of the guests thought:  “Vineyard, olive trees, lake and organic garden, with wine and olive tasting and a good tapas menu, hard to resist – this beautiful location is enhanced by alfresco dining in a stylish location on a deck overlooking a lake with vineyards, olive trees and surrounding trees, a place to linger and de-stress.”

So if you are looking to de-stress, get away to our luxury accommodation Mornington Peninsula and add Green Olive at Red Hill to your list of things to do while you are here.