Holiday Rental Perfection: Essential Features to Ensure a Memorable Stay

We’ve all been on a holiday where the accommodation looked better in the photos than in real life. The bedroom seemed really spacious, but turned out a bit of a shoebox. The pool looked massive, but turned out to be an inflatable one from Kmart. You assumed the place had a toilet inside – but there was only an outhouse!

So, how can we avoid staying in a placing like this and, instead, choose somewhere that’s memorable in all the right ways?

Answer: create an essential features checklist. Here, Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats outline a guide for achieving holiday rental perfection, with all the essential features for a memorable stay:


Going on holiday is all about a change of scenery – and that’s why having a great view from your holiday rental is at the top of our list. Whether you’re craving a magnificent view of the ocean, or want picturesque rolling hills as your backdrop, make sure your holiday rental has somewhere to wind down and enjoy the view with a glass of wine as the sun goes down.

Outdoor entertaining area

What’s the point of a summer holiday if you’re going to spend all day inside? Well, if your holiday rental doesn’t have a stunning outdoor entertaining area, you certainly wouldn’t be the one to blame. Inviting outdoor settings are the best place to spend time with your friends and family, enjoying meals, playing games and doing activities when the weather is just right. Plus, how can you maintain your amazing backyard cricket average without a decent-sized backyard?


Another summer classic. When you’re not down the beach on a hot day, cool off in your very own private pool. Many of Ocean Blue’s Mornington Peninsula listings have got you covered on the pool front, with pools and spas an essential feature of your holiday.

Fully-stocked kitchen

Sure, eating out is a big part of holiday mode. But sometimes it’s nice to break it up with a delicious home-cooked meal. That’s why functional, fully-stocked kitchens are a must-have feature to check before you hit that ‘Book’ button.


Our holiday should be a memorable one for all members of the family: even the non-humans! Make sure your holiday home is dog-friendly, with shaded areas and fences so that your dog is happy and safe.

Looking for the perfect holiday rental that ticks all of these boxes and more? Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats has got you covered. Our luxurious Mornington Peninsula and Gippsland Lakes listings have all of these essential features, making sure your family has a memorable stay. These beautifully-curated holiday homes are all about the details, offering the utmost in comfort, location and convenience. Browse our listings and make a booking today.