Holiday Rentals Mornington Peninsula for Girls Weekend Getaways

Girls weekend getaways are all about the luxury and pampering with just a splash of fun and excitement thrown into the mix. Holiday rentals Mornington Peninsula provide the ideal way to combine these three elements to make your next getaway memorable while allowing you to connect and reconnect with your friends. Here are some ways to ensure that you have all three factors covered:

The Luxury

You can expect only the best from your holiday rentals Mornington Peninsula, stylishly decorated, and incorporating more than just the essentials that you and your friends will need for your getaway. You can choose between the Beach Cottages and one of the luxury holiday homes available for rent to accommodate anywhere from 2 to 12 of your friends. If you need more room, simply reserve two or more holiday homes that are within walking distance from each other.

Remember that all these holiday rentals Mornington Peninsula offer a kitchen stocked with the basic necessities so be sure to bring along some tasty treats for your group of friends to cook together. Alternatively, take a short drive into the nearby towns of Sorento, Rye or Blairgowrie to pick up the necessary supplies or eat out at one of the top eating establishments. Be sure to include a cleaning service so that everyone on the trip can sit back, relax and enjoy.

The Pampering

Nearby each luxury holiday home location, you will find the Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs, offering the ideal destination to take care of all your pampering needs. With a variety of bathing, treatment and dining options available to refresh body, mind and spirit, you will want to book at least one whole day at this retreat for your getaway. 

The Fun

Forget the usual cocktails and checking out the local nightlife to get your fix for  fun excitement on your getaway. Why not do something unique and enroll all the girls for a sensual and entertaining belly dancing lesson. You are all sure to have a bunch of laughs, learn something new and tap into the feminine beauty of movement.

You can choose to have an experienced Belly Dancing instructor come to the holiday rentals Mornington Peninsula if you prefer some privacy, or go to a predetermined location, say the beach or at a conference or event venue.  Reserve an entire restaurant or bar and create a middle eastern themed night to remember. Really get into the mood and check out one of the costume hire providers in the area to make sure that each girl is dressed appropriately to really get into the swing of things.

No matter the length of your stay, the occasion, or the amount of girls you are planning to take on a getaway, holiday rentals Mornington Peninsula and the surrounding area will definitely have everything that you need and more.