Holiday Rentals Mornington Peninsula what do you expect?

Holiday Rentals  Mornington Peninsula – what do you expect?

What do you expect when you are looking for a holiday rentals on the Mornington Peninsula?  There are so many properties to choose from.

We can only tell you what we want from a holiday rental property when we go away, whether that be on the Mornington Peninsula or anywhere else for that matter.  Here is our checklist:

Holiday Rentals Mornington Peninsula – our all inclusive approach, this is what you want:

1. Bedlinen on the beds when we arrive.

2. Towels in the bathroom including bathmats and facewashers

3. Tea, Coffee and Sugar and milk in the fridge for a cuppa after our journey.

4. Free wifi

5. Air conditioning at least in some part of the house.

6. Comfortable beds

7. Heating especially an open fireplace with logs provided.

8. Close to the beach an/or walking distance to shops and restaurants.

9. A well stocked kitchen with cutlery and crockery for at least double the number of guests.

10. bring our dog

11. have things in the property for our kids to enjoy

12. bbq and bbq gas

13. all inclusive price – don’t give us any hidden fees.


This is not an exhaustive list but if we are going away and we always choose holiday rentals as we have kids and pets and the properties need to have an attention to detail.  We want to feel like we are guests of the owners and they are letting us experience what they enjoy and recommend places of interest for us.  The holiday rental is a part of the holiday not just somewhere to sleep.  By choosing this type of accommodation for our portfolio we ensure we match our core values.

Attention to detail like this, sets places apart from those properties that are not well equipped and have not thought about their guests but only about their bottom line.  Yes, price is important but consideration needs to be given to all those extras when we book and at the end of the day with great customer service and attention to detail and a love of hosting guests that overrides everything else.

Where else will you get this type of attention to detail:

We are the only pet friendly accommodation that gives you this level of service and attention to detail, so check out our Holiday Rentals Mornington Peninsula Style today!