Holiday Rentals Rye – September School Holidays Adventure

Holiday Rentals Rye – Our September School Holiday Adventures…Part One

Day One: Heading down to our Holiday Rentals Rye. Melbourne’s weather can be a little inclement “to say the least” but on waking on Monday morning it was a brilliant day for the start of the school holidays.  A quick clear up of my desk and a push in the back for the kids to get organised and pack their own bags!!  (That is always fun when you get to the other end and they have forgotten at least one thing…ah! says Mum “That’s the only way you are going to learn to be responsible” ), a short trip to pick up the besties for the boys and a lecture on how to behave while we are away and not pick on the younger kids and we are off!  We are meeting our good friends the Slobbe family who have rented one of our beautiful holiday rentals Rye and there is room for us to visit.  Moonah Ridge Retreat can sleep up to 10 guests so perfect for the four adults and 5 children that we have.  All boys they are full of energy and the house is so large that it feels like they have room to spread their wings.  The immediate attraction is the pool table where the boys love to have a game of pool and so do the parents.

Holiday Rentals Rye - Great family friendly accommodation - kids love the pool table.
Holiday Rentals Rye – Great family friendly accommodation – kids love the pool table.


This four bedroom holiday rentals Rye home allows for great self catering with a gourmet kitchen so we could make pizza for dinner and then a chat for the girls and a 3D Movie on the 62 inch 3D TV for all the boys!!!  Those 3D glasses are very exciting!


3D TV and glasses for all the big kids
3D TV and glasses for all the big kids

Day Two: Up bright and early from our holiday rentals Rye and out to catch the SeaRoad Ferry to Queenscliff… trying to make it interesting and getting the boys to spot wildlife! One seagulls nest spotted plus cute little chick!  The ferry journey to Queenscliff takes 45 minutes from stepping on to stepping off.  These boats have been recently renovated and so have the terminal areas with funky seats and coastal cushions. Very cute.  Cost for a family of five to travel return to Queenscliff is $60.00.


On the Ferry to Queenscliff and we spot a baby chick in the nest
On the Ferry to Queenscliff and we spot a baby chick in the nest

Arriving in Queenscliff (having not been here for a few years) we were pleasantly surprised that the harbour area is now all newly renovated with restaurants and shops.  The perfect coffee break before our planned excursion with South Bay Eco Adventures. ($85 for adults, $45 for children – 90 mins) We had heard about this tour through the industry and we were intrigued by the itinerary which included a focus on the shipping channels.  Mike organised a trip for us so we had the boat to ourselves.  Hand built by Mike and he guarantees that no one has ever been sick on it!  Great.  We love the water but we hate that sick feeling that spoils the whole event.


South Bay Eco Adventures Queenscliff
South Bay Eco Adventures Queenscliff

Starting out the kids got a thrill when the boat went from slow to super fast.  Don’t boys just love that sort of thing.

Next cruising close to Queenscliff and the Fort we had a fascinating explanation of why there are two lighthouses at the fort and two towers…all to do with lining up the towers depending on the type of vessel you are and where you need to be to head out through The Rip into the Ocean.

Next the highlight for me, actually following a container ship out through the heads of Port Phillip Bay and being on The Rip itself seeing flat surfaces where cold water was rising from the underwater waterfall that is The Rip at the heads.  A bubbling surface of water surrounding the flat surface where the water is being pushed back up from the depths and watching the fairy penguins and seals feeding on the fish that are being pushed up with the water.  Then a thrill for the boys…an actual Whirlpool!

Container ship from an angle never seen before.  At the Rip.
Container ship from an angle never seen before. At the Rip.

Wow!  calming right down we travelled across the bay to Portsea and the historic Quarantine station over the Marine National Park (no sign of dolphins unfortunately).

Then out to the centre of Port Phillip Bay to Chinamans Hat to watch the seals resting and playing in the water. (see our Youtube video of the Seals at play)

Seals at rest on Chinamans Hat
Seals at rest on Chinamans Hat

Finally, a little further to the Gannet Colony at Pope’s Eye!

Tour Prices:

Discovery Tour 90 mins – Adults $85 Children $45

South Channel Fort Tour 2 hours – Adults $80 Children $40

Explorer Tour – 2.5 hours – Adults $115 children $70

Mud Islands Guided Walk – 6 hours – Adults $95 Children $40

Piknik on Mud Islands – 3 hours – Adults $95 Children $65

Booking Call: 52584019

Wow. What an adventure.

Topped off with lunch at the harbourside before a beautiful late afternoon ferry crossing back to our holiday rentals Rye.