In this time of lockdown I have to admit I am struggling with this new normal, even as an introvert who LOVES being at home.  I am finding it hard to carry on doing all the things I usually do.  Though if you had told me a few months ago that we would all have time off from the hustle this year, a chance to wind down and reassess, I would have absolutely loved that idea. To be honest I had been struggling with the rush and pressure to achieve and maximise every moment of the day and did crave a simpler life, with more joy.

During this time in isolation I have coped by doing lots of different things for a short amount of time. No pressure to finish or achieve anything. Some days are good…somedays it all feels a bit pointless, but that’s a normal response I believe.

The Rush to Return to Normal

There does seem to be focus, on the social media that I follow, to maximise this time, to start that new business, grow that business, study something new, plan for the future, keep up the hustle and be ahead of the game somehow. Perhaps we should be doing that, but if I am honest that doesn’t feel right for me right now. I think it would somehow be terribly sad to come out of this experience and just pick up where we left off. I feel there has to be more to learn from this time of isolation and unwinding. The most important thing to me seems to be being kinder to yourself. Do what you love doing as often as you can.

the rush to return to normal

The team here at Ocean Blue have been getting together for our Zoom chats during this enforced lull and have been using this time to reassess how we do things and work out how we can make our holiday experience simpler, gentler and more relaxed for our guests going forward. What can we take from this time to ensure we don’t return to the rush. 

So that we can keep our team employed and busy during this time we are undertaking Spring cleans, linen audits and any maintenance work that might be needed at the properties.  Some property owners are using this time to update decor and furnishings.  Something that is always so important to us is that the properties are the most comfortable they can be for our guests.  If you have any suggestions we would love to hear them.

Things we have been loving this week x

Untamed by Glennon Doyle – Goodreads review 4.46 stars – I loved it
City of Girls – Elizabeth Gilbert – Goodreads review 4.05 stars – just started
The Eye of the Sheep – Sofie Laguna – Goodreads review 4.16 stars – Sian loved…its on my list.

The Design Files Talks – Interesting interviews with designers and creatives of all types – Listen Here
Under the Skin – Russell Brand – Listen Here

THINGS WE ARE BAKING Nigella’s Banana Bread – the best, just saying… Recipe 

Dog walks
Autumn Sunshine and warmth
School Teachers (now that homeschooling has started!)

simple things in the time of lockdown

Take Care and Stay Safe x