How to create a bookable holiday rental

With years of experience in holiday rentals we know what guests are looking for….

Every guest wants a beautiful home to stay in and they want luxury at any cost and that includes the holiday rentals at the budget end of the market.

So, if you concentrate on a beautifully styled interior using quality furniture, with a high attention to detail, you will get seen amongst a sea of mediocre offerings.

A styled interior with quality furnishings brands adds to the holiday, in fact in some instances IT IS the holiday. Staying in a holiday rental with beautiful interiors is a luxury that guests are prepared to pay for: it makes people enjoy their experience and will undoubtedly leave glowing reviews (as long as you couple this with great customer service).

Luxury on a Budget

Spending lots of money on high end interiors is not always in our budget. So you need to be smart and creative when fitting out your holiday rental.

We mix old pieces with new.  We look for quality secondhand items (those big-ticket items like dining tables and sofas) that can give you a quality look without the price tag.

The impact a beautifully styled interior makes could be the difference between a handful of bookings and a property that has a queue of prospective guests.

how to create a bookable holiday rental
The OarHouse in Metung has character added with chairs sourced from eBay at a fraction of the cost of new chairs. The distressed character adds to the overall look of the interior styling.

The guide to eBay, Gumtree and Marketplace

Look for quality items. If you have admired a designer label or interiors shop then search the name and see what is on offer. Here are a few names to search:

Great Dane

Living Edge


Matt Blatt





Provincial Home Living

Early Settler

West Elm

Coco Republic

Curious Grace

Pottery BarnMeizai

how to create a bookable holiday rental
This Early Settler sofa was bought on eBay for a fraction of the retail price. It had recently been refilled with feathers and didn’t have a mark on it.

What is your style?

Creating a style and putting it together can be a challenge. That is why we offer our owners and clients a styling and photography service. We can create a look for you and do all the leg work. But if you are happy to go it alone then here are some of the keywords you need to look for when shopping for character-filled pieces.

  • french provincial
  • Hamptons
  • farmhouse
  • retro
  • industrial
  • rustic
  • handmade
  • designer
  • Shabby Chic

Using the keywords you can filter the style of furniture and decor to create a look for your property.

Great items are hard to find so if you see a bargain, grab it! but do make sure:

  • You check the measurements fit your space
  • There are no damages to the item or if there are that they are repairable. The exception here is if you are going for a really distressed look. Think Shabby Chic!
  • What did it cost new? Make sure you are getting a bargain, check out the retail value if its still available.
  • Check the quality of the material. Poorly made items with poor finishes are always going to look that…you will never make a silk purse from a sow’s ear! Steer clear.
  • Look for handmade items with great patina’s.
  • Look for classic style chairs and sofas with good quality fabrics and handbuilt frames.
  • Consider to offer less if the listing is old…you never know you may get even more of a bargain.

You will need time and transport so cost that into the price. If you have great friends with a station wagon, trailer or van then good luck to ya!

So what are you waiting for…..