How to Ensure a Pawsome Stay at Pet-Friendly Holiday Homes

Is your pupper as excited for the family holiday as you are? Bought a new pair of shades and the latest copy of Woof magazine? Getting keen to stick their head out the car window for the 90-minute trip to Mornington Peninsula?

Of course they are! And we just know your pooch is even more excited to explore their pawsome, pet-friendly holiday home.

Choosing a pet-friendly holiday home is so much easier nowadays, with accommodation teams like Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats making their holiday homes far better-suited to pets.

Here’s how to ensure a pawsome stay at your Mornington Peninsula holiday home and choose the right pet-friendly stay:

Checklist for pawsome holiday homes

When looking for a pet-friendly holiday home on the Mornington Peninsula, there are a few things you should be ticking off your list:

  • Yard size and security
    Dogs love a big yard to roam around, sniff things and call their own. Security is an obvious one – make sure your holiday home is secure enough for the size of your dog.
  • Kennel or shade
    While your fur baby will probably come along for most of the family adventures, we’re sure there’ll be times when they stay at home. In this case, it’s crucial to ensure your holiday home has a kennel or shady area for your pooch to rest in on hot days.
  • Access to dog parks or the beach
    Is your doggy a friendly doggy? Give your pup the chance to socialise by booking a holiday home that’s close to a dog park or the beach. Several of our holiday homes at Ocean Blue are right by the beach, or close to a dog park.
  • Provided doggy treats!
    A luxury doggy treat is the icing on the cake for pawsome holiday homes. Ocean Blue treats your dog to a tasty snack in many of our pet-friendly stays!

Pet-friendly ratings at Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats

At Ocean Blue, we have a simple rating system that assesses the pet-friendliness of each of our holiday homes, allowing guests to make better-informed decisions when booking one of our places. The rating system assesses all of the factors listed above, especially yard security and shade.

The Pawsome Rating ranges from 0% (not pet-friendly) to 100% (perfectly pet-friendly). Most of our holiday homes are 70% pawsome or above, giving pet owners loads of options when bringing their fur baby along on holiday.

Tell your pup to activate holiday mode. Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats have a total of 33 pet-friendly holiday homes to choose from across the Mornington Peninsula. We go that extra mile to ensure your dog has the best time, providing comfy kennels and boutique doggy treats too. Check out our range of pet-friendly holiday homes that are just as pleasing for pets as they are for people.