Hi Everyone!

Here we are again…still doing this thing together.  I don’t know about you, but this week it is starting to feel like a new routine is happening and thankfully a it seems little healthier than it was a few weeks ago.  I managed to dig out my old Fitbit from one of the kitchen junk drawers and even found the charger!  This week’s challenge is getting back to around 3 meals a day, rather than several, but slowly does it.

social distancing from your fridge

A time of reflection

I have found myself reflecting more this week.  Wondering what this life is all about…you know, the small stuff haha.  The hustle in me has certainly dropped off.  The need to be constantly busy and achieving, and I’ve finally begun to start living in each moment of the day, like they keep telling us to haha.   We now finally have the time to just make the most of right now.  There is no point in our minds racing ahead with worries and plans for the future, because we can’t imagine what that might be.  Yes, the fears and then negative thoughts still creep in and we want to mentally fix everything, but we can’t, so we may as well relax do something we like doing for now.

My hope for this time is that most of us will evolve with renewed or new values and a new vision for how we want our lives to look and feel.  Perhaps this wake up call has helped us get back to appreciating all that we have and realising how much ‘stuff’ we don’t actually need.  We will remember this time for the good times, as well as the difficult.  It truly is the time spent together that will stick in our minds.  The board games, the puzzles, the movie nights, cooking together and even walking the dog has become fun, meeting the neighbours out on the streets and seeing the rainbows in the windows.  Our neighbourhoods have become friendlier places again.  We will look forward to spending time with the family and friends that we have really missed and enjoy visiting all the places that perhaps we had taken for granted.

recipe ideas

Things we have been loving this week x

Did anyone see the Music From the Homefront on Channel 9 on Anzac Day?  Having seen the US version the week before, I have to say the Aussie’s did it better! The music was SO good.  I have included a link below where you can catch it if you missed it.
Sian has been cooking up a storm and has been going nuts for nuts.  Photo above of her delicious results from the Nigella’s recipe for Bar Nuts…roasted with rosemary and cayenne pepper. Yum!
This week I made my go to Brown Lentil & Vegetable soup/stew.  Believe it or not this is a family favourite, freezes really well and is pretty cheap to make.  Recipe here
We have been trying to get a bit more active with these fantastic online dance/exercise classes from Les Mills.  We are so busy laughing at trying to do the Hip Hop and Latin moves we barely notice we are exercising.  Here’s the link 
Not having to do the school run & make packed lunches
Rainbows and teddy bear hunts in the neighbourhood windows
Being alive is pretty good x 

We hope you have a great week xx

The team at Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats