Mornington Peninsula Luxury Accommodation Ensures A Warm Welcome

It’s always important to us to receive feedback from our guests about their stay in our Mornington Peninsula luxury accommodation. A while back we published a post about what guests say about our holiday rentals and one item that stood out is how much guest love the welcome they receive at our pet friendly accommodation.

First of all we pay attention to the small details, little things that help you to relax into your holiday such as:

  • turning on the lights in anticipation of your arrival;

  • making sure the property is adequately heated or cooled;

  • playing soothing music.

What’s In Your Welcome Pack?

On arrival at our Mornington Peninsula luxury accommodation you’ll also find a small welcome tray set up, we know how nice it is to relax with a hot drink after a long, tiring journey!

You’ll find refreshments such as tea, coffee etc. plus something taken from the garden. We put fresh milk in the fridge and the coffee is freshly ground for you to enjoy.

Since our beach houses and cottages are fully self-contained we’ve also included a basket of kitchen essentials: foil, gladwrap, washing liquid, new dishcloth, bin bags, scourer, gloves etc. All those necessary items that you need in a kitchen but don’t want to buy when you’re on holiday.

Good Value For Money

Our guests say a top reason for staying at Mornington Peninsula luxury accommodation are the extras included in the price, items such as:

  • fresh bedding and towels;

  • toiletries;

  • free WiFi;

  • provisions for pets;

  • entertainment: books, magazines, DVDs etc.

We pride ourselves on making your stay as comfortable as possible, so if there’s anything you need don’t hesitate to ask!

Loyalty Guest Membership

Guests who stay more than once at our Mornington Peninsula luxury accommodation can take advantage of the Beach Club Family Loyalty Membership. With this you’ll receive the following rewards depending on the number of times you stay:

  • a complimentary breakfast hamper;

  • a bottle of champagne;

  • special offers only available to Valued Members;

  • % discounts off bookings.

For more details about the Beach Club Family Loyalty Membership or to book a holiday rental contact Mornington Peninsula luxury accommodation. We look forward to welcoming you and your family to one of our pet friendly properties for a rejuvenating and relaxing stay!