Mornington Peninsula – a warm welcome

Mornington Peninsula – A Warm Welcome

Hosting holiday accommodation on the Mornington Peninsula, (even though we don’t do that in the traditional sense of a hotel with reception or bed and breakfast establishment with owners on site), is exactly like having guests in our home. So a warm welcome is absolutely essential!

We want our guests to feel genuinely appreciated, welcomed and honoured. So how can we do that when we are not physically there to meet and greet.

1. Greet them at the door…Oops! can’t do that but we do the next best thing

When making guests feel welcome, it is very important to make sure that you are prepared for their arrival.  Guests don’t want to be left waiting.  Our system sends an SMS to their mobile phone with a key safe code for accessing the keys to their property as soon as our housekeeping staff have the property ready for their arrival.  No need to wait until a designated time or go to a pickup point.  Just drive to the Mornington Peninsula and the SMS will greet you on the way there ready for your arrival.

2. Don’t tell them to take off their shoes

Yes, we offer beautiful accommodation but let’s be realists, you can’t relax when you are worried about marking the furniture.  You don’t need to leave your shoes at the door, bring them in with you.  Don’t you just hate having rules to follow when you are on holiday.

3. Shake their hand

No physical hand shaking but when they arrive lights, music and heating or cooling are on as a way of saying hello we know you were coming pleased you arrived safely.

4. Offer them a drink

For returning guests there is a bottle of champagne on arrival. For first timers there is a welcoming tray of tea/coffee and biscuits .

5. Start a conversation

A welcome pack of recommended activities will certainly get the conversation started in what to do while staying in the area. Just what to fit in might be the hardest choice to make.

6. Feed them a meal

As we offer self catering accommodation on the Mornington Peninsula this is generally down to our guests. But returning guests are provided with a breakfast hamper of provisions and we can organise a bbq pack for summer entertaining or even better still we can recommend a catering company to do all the work for you.

7. Send them home with a treat

We value loyalty so guests returning to us time and again receive increased benefits and discounts.