Something for your Monday

By Sian West | February 16, 2021

Hello!! Is it just me or is that Monday feeling even more hard to shake off than usual today…groans, but hey, you have to practice what you preach, get yourself in gear […]

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Give yourself permission

By Sian West | February 8, 2021

Hello!! Years ago, when watching movies, I would often look at the characters and dream of being like them.  These characters were always the ones living creative lives. These lucky […]

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The Art of Gathering

By Sian West | January 20, 2021

I hope you are taking time to enjoy these wonderful days of Summer.  Even if you are back at work, it makes such a difference to come home and have […]

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A lovely slow start to the year

By Sian West | January 5, 2021

 New Year, same me!  Happy New Year! How does going into this New Year make you feel?  I have never been a huge fan of New Year celebrations, at the […]

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Good Things Still Happen

By Sian West | October 7, 2020

Hi everyone How are you going?  I hope you are well.  The lovely weather at the weekend certainly helped make everything feel a bit better didn’t it.  I’d had big […]

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We Are Super Heroes

By Sian West | September 22, 2020

Hi there! How has your week been? Has your week been one of perseverance? …that’s such a heavy word isn’t it, but it is one word that keeps coming up […]

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Courageously keeping going

By Sian West | September 17, 2020

This morning I was up at 6.15, to get back on the horse with my morning yoga/meditation routine.  It was light at 6.15am, which was so nice and it wasn’t […]

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Bloom where you are planted

By Sian West | September 10, 2020

Blooming good ideas Another change on the list this week…ideas for blooming x Can you feel that rising energy of Spring in the longer days, brighter mornings, softer evenings and in those magnificent blooms? Take […]

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Creating a gallery wall

Springing into Spring?

By Sian West | September 2, 2020

The start of Spring hmmmm…are we springing into Spring? I’m not quite sure yet haha.  Part of me wants to…Spring usually offers such hope, new life, new beginnings, as we […]

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