Travel with teens

By Sian West | May 4, 2022

…and get them off their screens..that is the challenge!  Any parent will admit it is no easy task to lure our teens away from their screens, it’s hard enough for […]

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Doggie Road Trips Victoria

Doggie Road Trips Around Victoria

By Sian West | August 10, 2021

This year we thought we would take this opportunity of being State bound to explore this wonderful place we live.  It is always our goal each year to go to […]

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2021 survival & burnout remedies

By Sian West | August 2, 2021

Tempting, isn’t it 🙂 but we don’t…we keep getting up…ironing our trackies (or is that just me that sometimes irons trackies lol, not all the time) and we keep going.  […]

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What makes Great Pet Friendly Holiday Accommodation

By Sian West | June 16, 2021

At Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats we believe holidays should be for the whole family, including your furry family members, so we specialise in great pet-friendly holiday accommodation. Most pet owners […]

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Finding some balance in this crazy time

By Sian West | June 2, 2021

Hello everyone Well here we are again…Victoria in lockdown once again and we hope you are all feeling okay…all we can hope is that it doesn’t drag out too long […]

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Getting outside this holidays

By Sian West | April 13, 2021

Holiday ideas that won’t cost a fortune Peninsula Bakery Crawl How about a bakery crawl!  If, like me, you are a complete carbs addict, then this may be for you. I […]

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Enjoy an Autumn picnic x

By Sian West | March 23, 2021

When we put our heads together to come up with fun stuff that will still get us outdoors this Autumn, we were truly amazed how many inspiring activities we found.  Even […]

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As the seasons change so do we

By Sian West | March 17, 2021

This last week has been a bit of a week…have you found the same?  I have spoken with a few friends about it and it would seem I am not […]

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Something for your Monday

By Sian West | February 16, 2021

Hello!! Is it just me or is that Monday feeling even more hard to shake off than usual today…groans, but hey, you have to practice what you preach, get yourself in gear […]

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