We all remember those good old-fashioned family beach holidays we went on as kids, when everything seemed a bit simpler and less stressful. Or really is it just that we are now the adults and all the same pressures did exist for our parents?

I remember, what seemed like endless road trips with my parents, when we had no aircon in the car, Dad was in charge of the music and Mum in charge of whether the windows were allowed to be open or not. The car breaking down on a Sunday, in France, when absolutely nothing was open. Taking the ‘scenic route’ over the mountains with all of us throwing up into our beach buckets in the back seat with travel sickness, but looking back, they were the best days ever!!

Kids don’t really need fancy holidays in wonderful locations, chock full of activities and hectic schedules. We have enough of that in our everyday lives. Kids want to chill and spend time with their family.

Here are our suggestions for a simpler, chilled holiday with the kids and the dog.

old-fashioned holiday fun

Meet Up with the Grandparents and Cousins

No better memories are made than being away on a beach holiday with your Grandparents or your cousins. The more the merrier definitely works for multi-generational holidays. Not only is there the obvious advantage of the built-in baby sitters, but it is time your kids will always remember spending. My kids (all older now) still talk so fondly about simple holidays they spent with their grandparents and that time building those bonds…playing card games, going to the park and being spoilt with lollies. I am so glad they had that time, now we all live at such a distance and have such busy lives.

enjoy bbq time together

BBQ Together

The Aussie BBQ is a huge tradition in our culture that everyone enjoys. We look forward to our weekend get-togethers and a BBQ is an essential part of this. When on a family beach holidays BBQs can be enjoyed every day and all of our properties have a BBQ as a must. Plan to take turns with the menu and all come together and eat.

Old-fashioned fun with the family

Remember those cards and board games?

Unfortunately a bit of dying tradition in modern family life, but an old-fashioned family beach holiday would not be complete without forcing everyone into playing Monopoly, Scrabble or even good old playing card games. The kids may grumble at first, but they are soon won around and will remember this one on one time they got to spend with you forever.

family holiday fun

Serious Selfies – Make Those Memories

Capture these special days to look back on forever. Pull over at the Giant Banana and force the whole family to get in the shot, because before you know it you can’t get any of your kids to be in a photo with you. As the mother of grown-up kids, I can only reinforce how quickly these days to go by. You think you have years ahead of you to go on family beach holidays, but believe me, you don’t.

Back to basics….within reason

All of our Ocean Blue Coastal Retreat holiday homes have everything you need to enjoy that special family time together, but it is good to remember what really matters and take the time to slow down and embrace your senses. As long as there is a coffee machine life is good!

family holiday fun on the beach

Family bonding

This is what an old-fashioned family beach holidays are all about, sitting on the beach, watching the kids play together, building sandcastles or burying your brother up to his neck and maybe digging him out after.

relaxing holiday time with the family

Disconnect from Technology

So this might be a scary thought, even for the adults, but wouldn’t it be great to get off the grid, even if just for a little while? We all realise how much we really do miss out on whilst we are plugged in. For most parents, a holiday is a perfect time to pull the kids away from the Playstation or the internet and get them outdoors. Maybe even have a conversation and interact?? Well here’s hoping. In reality, I wouldn’t mind checking Instagram myself every now and then…this is who we are these days. 98% of our properties have wifi included, but it is also a pretty smart idea is to pack the internet with a pre-paid mobile broadband, for those desperate i-pad moments. Happy kids, happy parents.

family and group holiday accommodation at the beach
Capri House, St Andrews Beach

Beautiful, relaxing, family-friendly holiday accommodation

At Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats we specialise in effortless family beach holiday accommodation throughout the Mornington Peninsula. We have the perfect holiday homes for family getaways, where all you have to do is arrive, drop your bags and enjoy your time together. Give our friendly team a call or send us an email at info@oceanbluecoastalretreats.com.au and we will help you plan your perfect escape.

old-fashioned family beach holiday accommodation Blairgowrie
The Hygge House, Blairgowrie

The Hygge House

Looking for a family getaway to a place with a big serve of style…DANISH style that is, then The Hygge House is perfect.  Just imagine cosy families getting together in a shared space with views across the bay.  Why not sit on the deck and watch the world go by this summer.

old-fashioned family beach holiday accommodation Rye
Big Blue Horizon – Rye

Big Blue Horizon

Gather your extended family together and go away on one of those long summer holidays of old.  At the Big Blue Horizon there is space for everyone to sleep, yet it is affordable enough not to break the bank.
Remember, those old fashioned holidays where families who play together stay together? Get to Big Blue Horizon this summer.

Old-fashioned family beach accommodation in Rye
Blue Horizon, Rye

Blue Horizon

Old-fashioned family summer holidays at the beach meant hours swimming and sunbaking, flopping back in your beach house exhausted and then playing board games before or after supper.  Or perhaps sipping something cold relaxing on your elevated deck and watching the world go by. Forget the wifi and the TV this summer and get back to basics.