DON’T RUSH ME….I AM WAITING FOR THE LAST MINUTE! Is this you too?! I thought it was just me this year, but chatting with the Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats team and reading a few posts lately, it would seem we are all on the same page. Christmas has just come up out of nowhere and almost feels like it is just not happening this year. So if, like me, you have this week to get yourself organised, here are our top 10 gift ideas from the Peninsula.

It’s Okay to give gift vouchers!
Vouchers often used to be seen as a lazy present, that showed little effort or thought had been considered, but stop feeling guilty! Everybody really does love receiving them, especially when they are for an experience. We all have so much stuff, we really don’t need another piece of clutter to fill up our homes with.

The Best Experiences on the Peninsula

Gift Idea No. 1 – Hide aways for two at Big Blue Backyard

Top 10 Gift Ideas from the Peninsula
Big Blue Backyard

Why not take a break away…just the two of you…at the Big Blue Backyard, this stunning, bespoke coastal hideaway for couples nestled on the edge of the ocean at St Andrews Beach.

Each hideaway is hand wrought using elements of the coastal surrounds to create beautifully appointed and unique private adult retreats.

Boardwalks and secret garden paths lead you to your secluded escape, your space to reconnect and replenish.  Surrender to the cocoon of natural elements and the sounds of the sea. Contact Big Blue Backyard for gift vouchers

Gift Idea No. 2 – Gunnamatta Trail Rides

Top 10 Gift Ideas from the Peninsula
Gunnamatta Trail Rides

Doesn’t this look heavenly?! Whether you’re looking for a romantic couples adventure or to find a way to keep the whole family amused, Gunnamatta Trail Rides, at St Andrews Beach, would be happy to guide you towards the right ride for the occasion and vouchers to suit.

Gift Idea No. 3 – Peninsula Hot Springs Gift Certificates

Top 10 Gift Ideas from the Peninsula
Peninsula Hot Springs

No matter how many times you have been to the Peninsula Hot Springs, it is always a safe bet for a self-care gift. Why not indulge your loved ones through gift certificates for bathing, spa treatments, wholesome dining and our spa shop. You’ll be giving the gift of relaxation, indulgence and connection. How wonderful of you!

Gift Idea No. 4 – Touch of Peace Massage Vouchers

Top 10 Gift Ideas from the Peninsula
Touch of Peach Massages

What could be more indulgent than to enjoy a massage in your own home or whilst staying at your Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats accommodation? Touch of Peace offersa range of services either in their Rye salon or mobile services if that suits you better. Full details of gift vouchers can be found at Touch of Peace

Gift Idea No. 5 – Give a Weekend Away with Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats

Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats Top 10 Gift Ideas from the Peninsula
The Oar House – Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats

Whilst you mention it, why not give a break away. A holiday can do wonders for the soul and create memories that will last a lot longer than a pair of jocks or socks! Check out all of our stunning holiday homes.

Gift Idea No. 6 – Let the Fun Be Gin

Top 10 Gift Ideas from the Peninsula
Bass & Flinders Distillery

Another of our Top 10 gifts from the Peninsula is a gift voucher to a Bass & Flinders Gin Masterclasses, a unique gift idea for that gin enthusiast. Gift certificates are available to redeem at any of our Gin Masterclasses and can be bought and redeemed online. Click the link below and follow the links to download a voucher.PURCHASE A GIFT VOUCHER HERE 

Idea No. 7 – Give the Gift of Light at Gordon Glassblowing Studio in Redhill

Top 10 Gift Ideas from the Peninsula
Glassblowing workshop at Gordon Glassblowing Studio

Have you watched Blown Away on Netflix and reckon it doesn’t look that difficult?! Why not grab a friend and try a one-day beginners glassblowing workshop. Manipulate molten glass into two paperweights and a drinking tumbler for a gift or your home or office.

Buy local, from a maker, a small business or a good cause

There are so many wonderful small businesses on the peninsula that really do a happy dance when people buy their products or services. Here are just a few that we have the pleasure of working with.

Idea No. 8 – Pawdinkum

IMG 1155
PawDinkum Dog Treats

As we are pet-lovin’ kinda people here at Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats, we love these gorgeous dog treats from PAWDinkum. PAWDinkum is an artisan, award-winning maker of healthful and beautiful handmade oat biscuits and spa treatments for dogs and puppies. All PAWDinkum dog treats, puppy treats and dog spa products are lovingly hand made in Red Hill on Victoria’s beautiful Mornington Peninsula. Don’t forget your favourite furry family member. All products can be bought online here.

Idea No. 9 – Olieve & Olie Candles and Beauty Products

Olieve & Olie...made on the Peninsula
Olieve & Olie Gifts

Stay with Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats more than once and you will receive an Olieve and Olie treat. These guys make a luxurious range of candles and toiletries all on the Mornington Peninsula. Read their story on their website and visit their online shop to buy their stunning products.

Idea No. 10 – Buy from the Bush

Top 10 Last Minute gift ideas
Buy from the Bush

We all know the farmers are particularly struggling right now. This fabulous concept showcases small bush businesses in drought-affected communities. From farm-fresh produce, beautiful boutiques with stylish collections of fashion and homewares, farmers diversifying into creative trades and many talented women running side hustles to generate alternative income streams. Get online to support Buy from the Bush.