Pet Friendly Accommodation Victoria

Walk from any of our pet friendly accommodation Victoria and within minutes you will be at a beach or walking track, where your pets can run and play. Each of our properties has a brochure of dog friendly parks and beaches.

Remember our pet friendly accommodation Victoria has bowls and a towel for a rub down but you will need to bring your own leash for these wonderful walks, although some areas are leash free.

5 Paw Accommodation

Pet Friendly Accommodation Mornington Peninsula

What makes 5 Paw Accommodation? To reach the level of 5 paws our properties must meet the following criteria:

Paw 1 – Fully fenced
Paw 2 – Lawn or garden
Paw 3 – Outdoor undercover area to shelter from rain or shine
Paw 4 – Pets are allowed inside
Paw 5 – Walk to pet-friendly park or beach

For those lazy relaxing days at home, keep your doggie happy with PAWDinkum – super treats for super dogs. Try a sample of PAWDinkum’s dog treats whilst on your holiday and receive a free gift when you place your first order. PAWDinkum’s handmade treats are lovingly prepared in small batches, using natural ingredients carefully selected to be nutritious. PAWDinkum offers a healthy range of dog treats that combat common canine problems like stinky breath, lackluster coats and joint pain.

For the guest of honour

Whilst on your walk, don’t forget to bring along an Oh Crap dog poop bag, conveniently located in the property. These environmentally friendly bags are completely biodegradable, breaking down in landfill within 6 months and can be flushed down the toilet. Instead of plastic, they are made of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) and will safely hold moist waste for about 2 hours. Make a difference and use Oh Crap.

Totally Pawsome Accommodation