Pet of the Month – February

Pet of the Month – February

Meet Lily our February Pet of the Month who stayed at our pet-friendly accommodation– this is what he has to say:

Dog Friendly Accommodation Mornington Peninsula

How old are you?

I was born on the 23rd October 2006 so that makes me 7 years old.  Is that 49 in human years?

What are your best qualities?

I am loving and gentle with a passion for play, especially with a stick or a ball.  I also love cuddles.

What do you love to do when you are on holiday on the Mornington Peninsula?

Running along the beach, playing with seaweed and chasing after a stick in the water.

What do you look for in pet-friendly accommodation?

Having my family with me and my pet puss or donkey to play with.

pet-friendly accommodation Mornington Peninsula which is your favourite?

We stayed at The Arthouse and we loved it.

Congratulations Lily, you earned yourself a $100 voucher to come and stay at our pet-friendly accommodation Mornington Peninsula again!

Pet-Friendly Accommodation Mornington Peninsula –

what is “Pet-Friendly”

  • You can bring your dogs and cats
  • Your pet is allowed inside
  • Each property is fully fenced (always best to still talk to us about just exactly how big, active, mischievous…you pet is – we can then recommend properties based on your feedback).
  • St Ives Cottage has a large garden and is fully fenced perfect for pets whereas a steep natural vegetation border creates a boundary at The Arthouse – not always perfect for the escape artist sort of dog?)
  • We supply a bucket which includes a bowl for food and water, towel for a rub down after the beach and a little doggie treat!

If you love your pet, the Mornington Peninsula and gourmet treats then you may be interested in Gourmet Pawprints..check out their facebook page and website.