Pet of the Month – March

Pet of the Month – February

Meet Harrison our March Pet of the Month who stayed at our pet-friendly accommodation– this is what he has to say:

Dog Friendly Accommodation Victoria

How old are you?

I am a 6-year-old Groodle. My mum got me when I was 4 months old and it was love at first sight for us.

What are your best qualities?

I have a gorgeous temperament, good natured and I am very intelligent (if I say so myself).  Mum says I am a joy to be around.

What do you love to do when you are on holiday on the Mornington Peninsula?

When I am on holiday I love running on the beach, I love meeting all the people on the beach or wherever mum takes me.

What do you look for in pet-friendly accommodation?

I love coming back to the cottages so I can sit beside the fire and relax.

pet-friendly accommodation Mornington Peninsula which is your favourite?

We always stay at Shearwater Cottage because there is plenty of space for all of us to move around.

Congratulations Harrison, you earned yourself a $100 voucher to come and stay at our pet-friendly accommodation Mornington Peninsula again!

Pet-Friendly Accommodation Mornington Peninsula –

what is “Pet-Friendly”

  • You can bring your dogs and cats
  • Your pet is allowed inside
  • Each property is fully fenced (always best to still talk to us about just exactly how big, active, mischievous…you pet is – we can then recommend properties based on your feedback).
  • St Ives Cottage has a large garden and is fully fenced perfect for pets whereas a steep natural vegetation border creates a boundary at The Arthouse – not always perfect for the escape artist sort of dog?)
  • We supply a bucket which includes a bowl for food and water, towel for a rub down after the beach and a little doggie treat!

If you love your pet, the Mornington Peninsula and gourmet treats then you may be interested in Gourmet Pawprints..check out their facebook page and website.

Also, think about those less fortunate and all the charitable organisations that help make canine lives better…we support Rescued with Love and The Lost Dogs Home and hope they get a chance at some pet-friendly accommodation Mornington Peninsula sometime soon.