March!..I know, how did that happen so quickly!?  It doesn’t take long to get back into the daily rush around…work…school…kids sports…and repeat, does it?  I don’t know about you, but my partner and I started off this year with the plan that we were going to take more time for fun.  The weeks get so busy though, dashing about, that it becomes almost annoying to have to go out and do things.  I have to say that even starting the year with this intention, I am already struggling to make time for the fun stuff and unless it is planned months ahead, things just don’t seem to happen.  I can’t seem to think more than a few days ahead.

This long weekend has crept up on me…just like Christmas did and Easter probably will too, and we don’t really have any plans.  Labour Day is one of those great public holidays when there is nothing that you HAVE to be doing.  A time to kick back and relax. 

I asked around the office this morning to see what fun things everyone loved doing.  Sharon, our housekeeping manager is a huge music fan and loves nothing more than going to live music events.  Sian, the Boss, loves reading and painting, and me, I am a painter too…we are all a bit crafty around here.  We all love reading and cooking…and eating!  Going out for brekkie and coffee and cake.  We all live down here on the Peninsula, or very close, so I thought we might share our favourite places to go and things to do on a lazy weekend.

The books we have been reading…and recommend

Something to read for the weekend

Boy Swallows Universe by Trent Dalton – A novel of love, crime, magic, fate, and coming of age, set in Brisbane’s violent working-class suburban fringe – from one of Australia’s most exciting new writers.
4.4 stars Goodreads. Review

The Giver of Starts by Jojo Moyes – 
From the author of Me Before You, set in Depression-era America, a breathtaking story of five extraordinary women and their remarkable journey through the mountains of Kentucky and beyond.
4.3 stars Goodreads.  Review

Keeping the World Away by Margaret Forster – Lost, found, stolen, strayed, sold, fought over… This engrossing, beautifully crafted novel follows the fictional adventures, over a hundred years, of an early 20th-century painting and the women whose lives it touches.
3.7 stars Goodreads. Review

Our Cafe of the Week

Our cafe of the week - Commonfolk cafe in Mornington

Commonfolk Cafe – Mornington

Now I am not sure I should be telling you about this one, because it is my current fav and I don’t want it to get too busy! haha.  Located in the back streets of Mornington, you would never find it if you weren’t looking, this cafe has great coffee and a wonderfully relaxed vibe with amazing pancakes and tatter tots which you can actually have at the same time…well who said you couldn’t?!  You can find it here 

What’s on for the weekend
The 92nd Red Hill Show

The Red Hill Show

7th March – 8.30am – 5pm
Venue: Red Hill Recreation Reserve, Arthurs Seat Rd, Red Hill

We are so lucky to have such a wonderful selection of markets and shows down on the Peninsula.  Always a great place to find good food and lovely things to buy.  This weekend is the 92nd Redhill Show.  Take a look at all the activies and attractions.  There is something for everyone.
For more details about the show.

Something to Bake at the Weekend

Something to bake for the weekend - our recipe for Rhubarb Cake

Rhubarb is back in season in the southern hemisphere! Either love it or hate it, it is a vegetable (yes, I didn’t know that!), that has childhood memories for me.  My dad always grew it in the garden and we were fed it as kids in all different forms.  I have made this Rhubarb cake several times and it never lasts more than a day before being eaten up.  If you’d like the recipe, here it is RHUBARB CAKE 

Now we would never be the kind of people that would try and talk you into doing anything you didn’t want to do, but if you would like to get away for a weekend down on the stunning Mornington Peninsula…with all the food and cake and wine and beaches and stuff, we do have a few properties left available.

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