We go above and beyond to ensure that our pools and spas are at their sparkling best for your stay. We have a dedicated pools and spas technician, Merv, who will attend the property before your arrival to ensure that everything is clean, sanitation levels are safe and the temperature for spas will be set to 38 degrees. Merv will be available via phone during your stay if you have any issues at all with the pool or spa. As the inclusion of a pool or spa will most likely be an important factor in your choice of property, we have some rules for you to follow to ensure that the pool or spa continues to function at it's best during your stay. Should these rules not be adhered to, (1) any damage caused will be the responsibility of the guest and costs will be deducted accordingly and (2) compensation for equipment malfunction/problem during your stay will not be available.


  • Recommended length of usage for a spa is 30 minutes and all guests using spas do so at their own risk.
  • Please do not alter the set temperature of the spa. It will be set to 38 degrees, which is a safe and comfortable level and designed to maximum sanitisation. Any temperature changes made by the guest can lead to ineffective sanitisation levels and pose a health risk and could also lead to shut downs by the internal safety mechanism of the spa.
  • Please leave the cover on when the spa is not in use. If you leave the cover off for any extended period (especially overnight), the temperature of the water will drop, especially during winter and the spa may not be able to maintain a water temperature of 38 degrees.
  •  Please do not touch the spa control panel, except to turn the jets or lights on and off. Instructions for how to do this will be included in the house information, which we will send to you before your arrival.
  • Please do not turn off power to the spa at either the wall or the control panel.



  • Shower and wash thoroughly with soap before entering the pool or spa
  • If you have any type of infection please consider the health of others by not using the pool or spa.
  • Should the pool be unusable for up to 24 hours due to routine maintenance, no compensation will be given. We endeavour to ensure that maintenance disruptions are kept to a minimum.
  • Never allow the water level to drop below the filter box, this could cause irreparable damage (damage caused will be charged to the guest – heater replacement is up to $4000.00)
  • Never put any bubble bath, detergent, oils or dyes in pools or spas as they stain the surface and clog the filters. The pool/spa will be tested after you leave and any maintenance required will be deducted from your bond (average cost to drain and clean is $1000.00).
  • Food or drink is NOT permitted in the pool/spa. Glass is strictly prohibited as broken glass in the pool will require the pool/spa to be drained and cleaned – $1000.00 fee)
  • Never allow pets into the pool and keep pets away from the pool area. Pets in a pool are equivalent to a large number of people (30 – 40) being in a pool. It will immediately affect the chlorine levels and make the pool unsafe to swim in. The water will become cloudy and pool maintenance and cleaning supplies will be necessary to rebalance the level. The pool may then not be available to you or following guests during a period of time. Compensation to following guests is costly and all expenses will be deducted from your bond.
  • Many bathers are not designed for use in pools and spas and can easily be damaged by the use of sunscreen, heat, rough surfaces (including timber decking, pavers and some pool tiles) and the chemicals used to maintain water sanitisation. While our pools and spas are maintained to correct chemical levels by our pool and spa technician, we cannot control the other factors and so we suggest that you don't wear new or expensive bathers in our pools and spas to minimise the risk of damage to your bathers. Should you decide to wear new or expensive bathers anyway, that is entirely up to you, but we will not be liable for replacement or reimbursement of the cost of your bathers due to damage obtained whilst using our pools and/or spas.