The start of Spring hmmmm…are we springing into Spring? I’m not quite sure yet haha.  Part of me wants to…Spring usually offers such hope, new life, new beginnings, as we awaken out of hibernation.  It is usually a time we can start to look forward to things…I am starting to look forward, but I still feel a little hesitant to not tempt fate and get excited. 

Don’t get me wrong, it will be so wonderful when we can get out and about again, but for me a small part feels nervous that I am going to have to be a little brave and take life by the horns again when that happens…no more hiding out.   After Spring, follows Summer and wearing anything other than trackies at the moment quite literally terrifies me, but can I throw myself into another healthy-eating regime and force myself to get back to the yoga mat at the prospect…not this week! haha.

I have managed to do a few things this week.  I wrote a several long-avoided To Do Lists in various notebooks…you know, one general one (with easily achievable tasks to make you feel good to tick something off), a goals one, an ideas one, a business one…the list goes on! 

The goals one was challenging…how do we look so far forward at this time?  Even the podcasts I usually listen to seem to have dried up.  It would seem the entrepreneurs are also a bit stuck on how to advise us to change our lives right now haha.

It was fun to write a list of projects of things I want to make and do around the house though.  

Creating a gallery wall

One of our current Iso projects is creating a gallery wall in our living room. With one large painting over the fireplace, we have been gathering together a combination of smaller artworks from artists we love, prints and family photographs to fill the rest of the space. We have opted for a dark navy blue for the walls in our living room. As a mid-century weatherboard it lends itself really well to an eclectic style. 

There are so many great images on Pinterest showing rooms with this style for inspiration. I love that they can be fun and so individual, truly reflecting the personalities of the home owners.

Whilst planning this room I have been on the hunt for artworks for sale through the artists I follow on instagram and posters and objects through some great online shops.  For paintings and large prints I would recommend professional framing, but smaller prints, photos and postcards can be framed in less expensive options. Ikea have a great variety.  I also came across this great blog post from The Affordable Art Fair on just this subject! It gives great tips for how best to create your own gallery wall. HERE

Bravely looking forward x

A little change on the list this week…things we can look forward to x

  1. My biggest one is looking forward to seeing my kids again.  They are all in their 20’s now and don’t live within the 5km zone.  I haven’t seen them for several weeks and I want hugs x

  2.  Seeing friends again…as introverts, we have been guilty in the past of complaining about socialising when we have had to.  After this break I really can’t wait to be able to have friends and family over to eat and drink again…nothing fancy, just lovely company.  

  3.  Getting back to the office and a change of routine!  I’m sure even our dogs are thinking, please go to the office!  We really are so lucky to have a wonderful drive to work, past vineyards and along the bay to Dromana, at the foot of Arthur’s seat.  I miss seeing my office buddies too.

  4.  When the Peninsula markets are up and going again!  I absolutely love a good market and there are so many down here to enjoy…Emu Plains is one of my favs…which is yours?

  5.  Doing some stuff on the bucket list.  My bucket list has definitely grown over this time…has yours?  We will never again take for granted all those things that we never made time for before. 

  6.  Booking our next trip….there is nothing like being told you can’t go somewhere for making you want to go somewhere.  I promised my parents last year that I would go home once a year.  I don’t think I will make it this year, but as soon as we can…  Where will you go first?

  7.  Getting back to a bit of grooming…yes, we have all saved a fortune on make-up and beauty appointments, but I am feeling I will need a sand-blasting when this is done.

That’s just a few…I am sure you have loads to add to that. 

Putting it out there in the universe has made me feel better. 

It is okay to have hopes and dreams still x

The Team at Ocean Blue