Easy Like Sunday

SMONDAY...You know the feeling...the moment when Sunday stops feeling like Sunday and the anxiety of Monday kicks in.  We know we shouldn't do it, but the pressure of the coming week can often spoil our Sundays.  Why not make this year the year we reclaim Sundays?  Let's hit the Sunday pause button and mindfully make this day of the week a day that helps us have a better week, by relaxing and doing the fun stuff that Sundays are meant for.


Sunday For Free



We want to help you put that pause on the dash into the week by giving you SUNDAY FOR FREE.

Book a 3 night weekend stay at one of our beautiful holiday homes, including Sunday and we will give you Sunday night for free.
We don't want you to have to get up on the Sunday morning, of your well earned weekend away and have to leave the comfort of your holiday home, before you are ready to go home.  Sunday is still the weekend.  Nobody wants to go home on Sunday morning.  There are still so many things you should be enjoying for the whole of your weekend.

Sunday mornings are for lazy lie-ins
Sunday mornings are for leisurely breakfasts at a great cafe
Sunday mornings are for walks on the beach
Sunday mornings are for shopping at a local market
Sunday lunch times are for taking in the view and enjoying a glass of locally produced wine at one of the stunning wineries
Sunday afternoons are for bike rides or sitting with a book
Sunday nights are for an extra sleep in your comfortable holiday home bed
Monday can wait until Monday

I know you are probably thinking, yes thats all well and good you saying that, but I have to go to work on Monday, or the kids have to go to school on Monday, and we get you.  Book that extra night and leave to go home Sunday evening.  Enjoy the whole day and still be back to life when you need to.