Surf and Sand: A Guide to the Best Beach Activities in Mornington Peninsula

Summer in Mornington Peninsula is pretty unbeatable. The days are long and warm, there are endless beaches to explore, and there’s a natural buzz about the entire region.

In Mornington Peninsula, the ocean is our natural playground. If you’re thinking of booking a summer getaway in our beautiful region, here’s how to enjoy the surf and sand like a local!


Every Australian should learn the basics of surfing. Even our Santa knows how to surf! Not only is surfing a big part of our cultural identity, it’s a massively rewarding activity and it’s also great exercise.

Mornington Peninsula is one of Victoria’s premier surfing spots. There are several beaches on the peninsula which are renowned for surf, including Shoreham Beach, Gunnamatta Beach and Portsea Surf Beach.

For beginner surfers, you’ll find surfing schools all over – get in touch with Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats for some recommendations.


No motor, no sails – just you, your kayak and paddle power! Kayaking is one of the most popular activities for Mornington Peninsula visitors. The Western side of the peninsula is best for kayaking; with flat seas and very little wave action, it’s the ideal environment for paddling along and relishing the open sea.

Avid kayakers can simply bring their own kayak, and beginners can try their hand by renting a kayak along the coast, anywhere between Mornington and Portsea.


Mornington Peninsula is the perfect place for beginner and expert snorkelers alike. The peninsula’s many piers and jetties are a great spot to examine our local marine life, spotting colourful fish and sea dragons.

Scuba diving

Feel like exploring an octopus’s garden? The Mornington Peninsula is famous for its diving opportunities. Beginners can learn to dive at one of the many dive schools, while seasoned divers can explore the 19th century shipwrecks and World War 1 J Class submarines – the HMAS Canberra shipwreck is now an artificial reef, hosting a plethora of marine life. Divers can enjoy floating through the captain’s cabin, engine room, galley and mess decks.


Adrenaline junkies will relish the chance to go kiteboarding on the Mornington Peninsula. Get your kiteboarding skills up to scratch along the Port Phillip side of the coast, or take a lesson in Rosebud.

Whether you’re sun-tanning or thrill-seeking, the Mornington Peninsula is the place to do it all this summer. Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats is the region’s #1 group for top-quality luxury accommodation. Located all over the Mornington Peninsula, our holiday homes are spacious, comfortable and styled impeccably. Browse our range of accommodation options and book early to avoid disappointment.