Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats Holiday Rentals – Booking Terms and Conditions

Family and Pet Friendly Accommodation Victoria



All bookings and tariffs are subject to change without notice.

All bookings and deposits received are subject to the landlords’ approval and receipt of deposit monies. 

All quoted tariffs are inclusive of a booking and service fee of between $44 and $99, depending on the property.



Payments received will confirm you have read and agreed to these terms and conditions and that you agree to the Mornington Peninsula Short Stay Rental Accommodation Local Law.


  • Visa (a credit card fee applies)
  • Mastercard (a credit card fee applies).
  • American Express (a credit card fee applies)
  • BPAY* 

*If paying by BPAY a credit card will be requested to be held as security during your stay. Please note: If you add your credit card details online, a pre-authorisation amount of $1 will be automatically placed on your card to confirm the card is valid. This will automatically be released by your bank in 7-14 days.

Payment Plans

A payment plan offers you the opportunity to make regular payments on your Booking. These payments are automated and taken at set intervals by our gateway provider.

  • Payment plans are ONLY available for online bookings.
  • Payment plans are ONLY available for credit card payments.
  • A minimum of 3 payments are required and can be set to be
  1. Weekly
  2. Fortnightly
  3. Monthly
  • An administration fee of 3% per transaction will apply.
  • Payment Plans will only be offered to guests if it fits within the appropriate timeframe for your chosen payments.
  • Once created, you cannot change:
    • the payment amount;
    • the number of instalments;
    • the next payment date; or
    • the billing cycle. 
  • Payment plans can be cancelled, however, please note that you will not be able to re-instate or create a new plan for an existing Booking. New payment plans can only be created when making a booking online.
  • You can change the credit card or bank account attached to the plan by editing the credit card / direct debit authorisation on the Guests profile.

Payment Plan -Declined Payments

  • If the initial credit card payment is declined the booking will fail and the dates will NOT be reserved. 
  • If any of the instalment payments are declined, you will receive an email notification.
  • We will NOT attempt to re-take a declined payment. However, the remainder of the payment plan will proceed as normal. When the next payment is due, the Guests’ credit card will be charged the next payment amount. 


If you do not choose a payment plan then to confirm an accommodation booking, a deposit of 50% for the total accommodation or package is required.  The booking will be confirmed via email on receipt of the deposit.


Full and final payment for the holiday booking is required 30 days prior to the commencement of the holiday.  If the outstanding balance has not been received by the 30th day prior to the booking commencement date, Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats reserve the right to cancel the booking without notice and the guest will forfeit the deposit. 

Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats reserves the right to pre-authorise your credit card prior to your arrival.


You must provide us with current credit card details (EFTPOS cards are not acceptable) for the security bond, to the amount of $1,000 or other sum specified on the property page, before the start of your rental. You give us authority to deduct from your credit card for losses or damage, and for any other costs that you have incurred with us. If the total of these charges is greater than the security bond, then you agree to pay the balance on demand from us. We have the right to retain the security bond until any potential or outstanding claims relating to your use of the property are resolved.

In the event of an account being in default and being referred to an external party for collection, the customer shall be liable for all resulting costs arising from the recovery, including commission which would be payable if the account is paid in full and legal costs including demand costs. 


Requests to change dates will be subject availability at the time of your request.  Additional charges and all changes will incur a $55.00 amendment fee. Changes within 30 days are considered a cancellation and cancellation fees apply.  We are unable to allow transfers to alternative properties listed in our portfolio.


Deposits/Full Payments are only refundable if the property can be re-booked for the cancelled dates (pro rata if applicable). There is an administration of $110.00 to re-advertise the property. If the dates are re-booked, a full refund less original booking fee and re-advertise fees will apply. Any refund will be provided pro-rata unless the property is re-booked for all the dates of the original booking. We cannot accept any cancellations within 30 days of the arrival date, these bookings are not refundable.

If you booked through a third party, then their cancellation terms will be honoured/enforced.

All cancellation requests must be made in writing. If a guest shortens their stay, the unused portion of rental is not refundable. We are not required to provide a refund if you change your mind about the services you asked for.

Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats strongly recommends that you obtain travel insurance, and will not be held responsible for costs, loss of deposits and payments made, or other fees incurred due to cancellations resulting from but not limited to acts of terrorism, act of God, war, strikes, theft, delay, cancellation, civil disorder, disaster, Government regulations or changes in itinerary or schedule or from any occurrences or conditions beyond its control.


In the event of a natural disaster interrupting your ability to remain safely at your accommodation or arrive at your destination, Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats will issue full refunds minus the non-refundable booking fee. Refunds will not be issued if your property resides in an area deemed safe and if your travelling path is unrestricted.

In the event of a declared ‘CODE RED’ day impeding travel to the area, Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats agrees to refund payment made for the day that travel is not recommended. It is anticipated that if the following day offers downgraded warnings or restrictions, the booking will continue as normal. Alternatively, if guest’s do not wish to travel the following day on their own account, Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats agrees to offer a transfer of dates for the same length stay at a later date.

In the event of a declared ‘CODE RED’ day, while guests are in attendance, Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats agrees to offer a refund of the remaining stay if a guest feels they do not wish to stay in the region.
Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats takes no responsibility for the safety & wellbeing of guests while in residence at the time of any natural disasters or events. Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats will, however, endeavour to provide as much communication and local information to guests as possible. It is 100% the guest’s responsibility to make all decisions & choices regarding their safety and plans.
Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats will not offer any refunds or transfers for any other inconvenient weather – such as rain, lack of snow, heat without fire warnings, wind etc.



We will notify you via SMS as soon as the property is available on your day of arrival. This will be sometime before 2 or 3 pm depending on the property.  (1st DECEMBER TO 31st JANUARY arrival time can be as late as 4 pm).

Departure time is 10 am. Early checkins and Late checkouts are offered to our loyalty members only subject to availability.

NO LATE CHECKOUTS ARE PERMITTED between 1st December to 31st January.


Conditions of use for accommodation

The Owners will make every effort to ensure the property is available as booked. However, the Owners reserve the right to make alterations to bookings due to unforeseen circumstances.

To maintain a good standard for our guests we require certain conditions to be complied with. We appreciate most will respect our property but the occasional abuse requires that we state the following conditions.


Free data is available for reasonable usage. 

Please note – should the wifi not be available due to technical or service issues NO COMPENSATION will be given.


Where properties have log fires, a fire starter pack can be purchased for an additional fee, which includes logs, kindling, paper and fire starters. Logs may also be purchased from the local service stations in the vicinity if required.


The property should be left in a similar state to its condition on arrival. In particular; 

  • dishes need to be washed, properly dried and stacked away or dishwasher emptied,
  • BBQ Clean
  • all rubbish removed from the property and placed into appropriate garbage bins provided.  It may be a requirement to take rubbish bins out for collection if you are staying in the property on a collection day, check the collection day in the property compendium, failure to do so will incur $110 per bin fee which will be deducted from your bond. 
  • Pet Owners – please check gardens and pickup anything left by your pet.
  • Pet owners – excessive cleaning of hair on furniture or bedding may also incur a cost.
  • If any or all of these items are not attended to the additional cleaning time required to bring the property up to standard will be deducted from your credit card or be otherwise recoverable from you.


A mobile phone number must be provided and be contactable when occupying the residence 24/7 for security purposes.

NO SCHOOLIES BOOKINGS PERMITTED or bookings for groups under 28 years of age.


Should not exceed the number stated on the Confirmation Notice or subsequently agreed in writing or email.  Bookings will be made for the maximum number of guests you require to stay at the property at any time regardless of the number of days your additional guests choose to reside with you. We will not breakdown the cost of the bookings based on individual days for individual guests. NO DAY GUESTS ARE PERMITTED.


Guests are at no time permitted to erect swimming pools, inflatable play equipment, shade tents,  camping equipment, park caravans or such like on the property which will constitute grounds for re-entry, eviction and forfeiture of security bond.


Parties and Functions are strictly prohibited. The price charged is for domestic use only and not commercial. Accordingly, this rate does not allow for the extra wear associated with functions in terms of cleaning, garbage removal, wear and tear, repairs etc. Use contrary to this may result in loss of your bond and/or additional payments.

The accommodation is for registered guests only. Parties are not permitted under any circumstances and there is to be no noise audible between 10:30 pm to 7:30 am and no excessive noise at any other time.  Evidence of parties/use as party venue the bond will be forfeited in full.

A $110 fee will be charged with each security or caretaker callout. If after one warning for noise and behaviour property manager or its representatives has reasonable grounds to believe that the property is being damaged, at-risk or guests and visitors are in breach of the Terms and Conditions, the property manager has the right to inspect the property, vacate the property of guests and visitors and retain the security deposit.


Damages, breakages or loss to or from the property are the tenants’ responsibility during their stay. Tenants shall be liable for all costs and expenses incurred as a result of such damage, breakages or loss. Without prejudice to any other remedies available, Owner shall be entitled to have recourse to the security bond to cover such costs and expenses and/or debit any credit card used to make the principal payment.  In addition, a $110 maintenance will be charged for Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats.

KEYS – loss of keys/remote controls are charged at $110.  

FURNITURE must not be moved from its original position to avoid damage.

LOSS – the owners take no responsibility for your or your guests’ or invitees’ personal property during your stay or items left at properties on departure.  It is recommended that all guests and visitors purchase travel insurance to protect against loss of belongings, cancellations, injury and death.


Property managers will endeavour to describe the property and its position to the best of their ability and in good faith.  We do not take any responsibility for incorrect descriptions or omissions and will not be held liable should the property not match your expectations.


Two cars only are allowed per property and parking is permitted only in allocated parking bays. Please do not park on the nature strips.


An online compendium is supplied for each property, detailing how all the appliances work etc. If you require a member of staff to assist with any problem during your stay a $110 attendance fee may be incurred if the problem is not a fault in appliances or utilities etc.


Our gardening and maintenance staff may require access to the gardens and property during your stay, we ensure these visits are kept to a minimum but are sometimes unavoidable to ensure the high maintenance of the property. Should maintenance need to enter the property we will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible.


Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats is strictly NO SMOKING indoors. Guests found smoking will be asked to leave and all additional cleaning and deodorizing costs will be charged. Any damage caused by smoking will also result in extra charges.


  • Settings for any pool or spa are automated and set by our pool and spa technician before all guest arrivals. Settings including temperature are preset at a safe and comfortable level and designed to maximum sanitisation. Any temperature changes made by the guest can lead to ineffective sanitisation levels and pose a health risk. Any guest who tampers with the pool or spa settings will lose their bond. 
  • Recommended length of usage for a spa is 30 minutes and all guests using pools and spas do so at their own risk.
  • Shower and wash thoroughly with soap before entering the spa
  • If you have any type of infection please consider the health of others by not using the spa.
  • As stated above in “Noise, Parties, Behaviour”  use of the pool the pool after 10:30 pm and before 8 am is strictly prohibited.
  • Should the pool be unusable for up to 24 hours due to routine maintenance, no compensation will be given. We endeavour to ensure that maintenance disruptions are kept to a minimum.
  • Never allow the water level to drop below the filter box, this could cause irreparable damage (damage caused will be deducted from your security bond – heater replacement is up to $4000.00)
  • Never put any bubble bath, detergent, oils or dyes in pools or spas as they stain the surface and clog the filters. The pool will be tested after you leave and any maintenance required will be deducted from your bond (average cost to drain and clean is $1000.00).
  • Food or drink is NOT permitted in the pool. Glass is strictly prohibited as broken glass in the pool will require the pool to be drained and cleaned – $1000.00 fee)
  • Pets are strictly prohibited from entering the pool and pool area. Pets in a pool are equivalent to a large number of people (30 – 40) being in a pool. It will immediately affect the chlorine levels and make the pool unsafe to swim in. The water will become cloudy and pool maintenance and cleaning supplies will be necessary to rebalance the level. The pool may then not be available to you or following guests during a period of time. Compensation to following guests is costly and all expenses will be deducted from your bond.
  • Many bathers are not designed for use in pools and spas and can easily be damaged by the use of sunscreen, heat, rough surfaces (including timber decking, pavers and some pool tiles) and the chemicals used to maintain water sanitisation. While our pools and spas are maintained to correct chemical levels by our pool and spa technician, we cannot control the other factors and so we suggest that you don’t wear new or expensive bathers in our pools and spas to minimise the risk of damage to your bathers. Should you decide to wear new or expensive bathers anyway, that is entirely up to you, but we will not be liable for replacement or reimbursement of the cost of your bathers due to damage obtained whilst using our pools and/or spas.


Pets are only allowed where specific arrangements have been made prior to arrival. In those instances…

  • Please bring your own bedding and bowls for your pets.
  • Do not allow pets on bedding and furniture.          
  • Do not lock pets inside while you are out. We do not take responsibility for pets left in courtyards or fenced gardens, you must do so at your own risk.
  • Constant barking and/or howling is not acceptable. Complaints from nearby residents and guests will be referred directly to the owners.
  • Please check the courtyards and garden areas thoroughly before you leave and clean up any mess left by your pets. Failure to do so will incur additional charges.
  • You will be charged for any damage caused by your pets at the property including, but ot limited to, damage done to plants, driveways, irrigation systems, hosepipes and furniture
  • We understand not all pets are created equal so if you are unsure about any of the above conditions please talk to us first if you have any hesitations, we can advise you on the type of gardens at our properties to ensure your pet is safe and the owner’s property is respected.

Variations to these conditions may only be made by prior arrangements with the owner in writing.


In the event that the property is withdrawn by the property owner, Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats will endeavour to locate a property of equivalent specifications.  However, should the alternative property be unavailable or unsuitable, the guest will receive a full refund.


In the event of a problem or complaint, you must inform Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats immediately so management has the opportunity to rectify the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible. Failure to follow this procedure may hinder the ability to rectify the problem or complaint and will extinguish any claim for compensation.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you acknowledge that if we are able to solve a problem within 24 hours then you are not due a refund.