The Art of Gathering

I hope you are taking time to enjoy these wonderful days of Summer.  Even if you are back at work, it makes such a difference to come home and have an evening to enjoy doesn’t it.  Our Summer senses almost seem even more heightened this year, as we enjoy being outside and spending time together again.

We often talk between us about the things we’d like to share in these newsletters.  Today we talked about what we love about Summer.  Within all our reflections what came up the most is how we all loved coming together with friends and family the most.  Georgina shared this about her Summers, which I love…

For George, Summer is…..

‘Escaping back to my family’s farm on the Gippsland Lakes to reconnect with the land, farming, family and old friends.  Messing about in boats, camping at the back lake and meeting new people.  Seeing how much everyone’s kids have grown and watching them hang out together encouraging each other and learning new skills like wakeboarding.  At the end of January seeing my kids relaxed, bronzed, sun-bleached hair and seemingly two inches taller’ xx

Time together x

Enjoying time together in outside spaces x

Create a magical mid-Summer setting by moving a table outside….stringing up some fairy lights or lighting candles.

The food x 

The food and the living should be easy…here are a few suggestions I found on Pinterest that look so good for feeding a group!

Podcast of the week x

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Brene Brown – Unlocking Us

The Art of Gathering

This podcast episode just popped up for me today….it’s so weird how these things happen, but it seems very relevant, particularly in light of all the angst in the world. In this episode Brene Brown talks to Priya Parker – a master fascilitator, strategic advisor, and the author of The Art of Gathering:  How We Meet and Why it Matters.  They dig into what it means to come together, why connection requires intention, and the often-visible structures inside our most meaningful gatherings. 
You can listen here 

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