The wagon has completely crashed…

How are you going everyone?  Are managing to stay half-sane?
If, like us, you are in another week of lockdown, are you managing to find some things to keep yourself going?  We hope so x

This week I have totally fallen off the self-care wagon…the morning yoga/meditation routine, the Fitbit steps and the Noom diet have gone completely out of the window, but these are tough times and that’s okay.  We are binge-watching the whole 16 seasons of Greys Anatomy (for the 3rd time…i know slightly embarrassing, but I don’t care) and we have been baking (and eating) and baking (and eating).  The wagon has completely crashed, but we are good.  Life is still good!   

Creativity has been an anchor for me in this time of uncertainty.  We can’t control the big things, but we do get to control how we think about it all and making new things does seem to bring a bit of hope going forward.  I have signed up for a few online courses…to learn some new stuff, but they are a bit like vegetables…if you buy them you have to actually eat them haha.

As a business we have been using this time to reflect on Ocean Blue and realign with the hopes and values we started with all those years ago.   We have decided that our website doesn’t feel like us anymore and it is changing.  It is always our hope that our holiday homes would be true homes from home…somewhere where family, friends, pet lovers and incurable romantics can come together to spend relaxing times.  We are not a stuffy corporate, we are a small bunch of friendly, pretty normal people who want to share fun times with lovely people, and we think you are too. 

We are also reviewing our loyalty programme and want to embrace a more ‘pay it forward’ philosophy.  Putting good vibes out there x
More details to come so watch this space x 

Henry Miller quote

Things we are loving this week

Udemy – a great range of short online courses for upgrading your skills.  Check some out here

Buy from the Bush – we always love to promote small Victorian business and we all need that helping hand, especially now.  I also love buying things from someone who took the time to make something and was brave enough to put it out there in the world.  These fab facemasks from Taradale Kitchen Co. will be flying out the door this week after the latest announcement.  Check out her instagram page here.

handmade face masks from Buy from the Bush

As always we hope you all take care and stay safe.  If you’d like to share any of your stay sane techniques or even your wagon crashes haha, we’d love to hear! 🙂 
Sending out love x