Core Values – Based on our Family Values

  1. Be consistent – you always know what to expect in this dog friendly accommodation  on the Mornington Peninsula and that is why our guests return time after time.
  2. Be creative – bringing pets to stylish accommodation? Dog friendly accommodation on the Mornington Peninsula that is stylish? What are we thinking?
  3. Be Honest and Open – clear details of all the properties and the way we work. You need to have the confidence that what you see is what you get.
  4. Provide an harmonious environment – the stylish interiors ensure a beautiful retreat away that forms part of your holiday, after all we spend a lot of time there even if we do travel around to the attractions.
  5. Act with integrity – we can hold our head up and say we are generous and fair in our approach to our guests and will do everything we can to make your holiday a success.
  6. Value and reward Loyalty – we reward repeat visitation with a loyalty program of discounts, freebies and local produce inclusions.
  7. Embrace family – encourage a feeling of belonging – we don’t always get to meet our guests but we want them to be treated as part of our family. Being dog friendly accommodation also encompasses that belief, because as all pet owners know pets are as much a member of the family as anyone else.
  8. Seek and share Knowledge – sharing our knowledge of the Dog Friendly Mornington Peninsula or sharing recommendations for every aspect of your stay to choosing the right holiday rental for your needs to being in the right location for your group and building itineraries and personally written recommendation guides in each holiday rental property is about us showing you everything the Mornington Peninsula has to offer and shouting from the rooftops that “this is a great place to have a holiday”.

Family Friendly

On many levels we embrace family from the family friendly accommodation we offer for children of all ages to the family feeling we try to create in the relationship we have with our guests.  We try to create a feeling of belonging for our guests when they stay with us and beyond.

Dog Friendly

Because our pets are so much a part of the family and in some cases they are the “children” in some family units then they are very much a part of our focus.

5 ideas to assist with your dog friendly accommodation Mornington Peninsula.

  1. Be prepared – follow a checklist eg. make sure the collar tags are readable and microchips up to date. Take a photo along.  We don’t want you to lose your pet but what if that happens, at least you will feel safe in the knowledge that tags and microchips will get them home again.
  2. Don’t travel too far.  Our dog friendly accommodation Mornington Peninsula is only about an hour away from Melbourne, the perfect distance for doggy travel.
  3. Dog friendly accommodation like us offers you dog bowls, towels for the beach, treats from PAWDINKUM and poop bags from OhCrap! kennel and safe and secure gardens for your treasured doggies.  A short walk to the beach means you have everything you need.
  4. Just like the kids bring all their toys and their bedding and own bowls if you wish.  We don’t provide bedding as we feel it is not hygenic to supply bedding that is shared.  Bring your own bedding and special bowls for your dog.
  5. Feel safe to go on a small excursion without your dog as the properties have secure fencing in most cases or we are happy for you to leave them in a laundry or bathroom while you are out.

It is so enjoyable to have your dog with you on holiday.  They always have the best time.

Dog Friendly Accommodation Mornington Peninsula – If you need more information about our policies for pet stays