Tips For Staying in Pet Friendly Accommodation Mornington Peninsula

For most holiday destinations, you can find options that will allow dogs. But there is a vast difference between a place that simply allows pets and one that is truly pet-friendly. 

Dogs Allowed or Dog-Friendly?

When making your holiday plans, call and ask questions ahead and ask to make sure that what you consider “pet-friendly” really does meet your pets’ needs. Some questions to ask could be:

  • Are dogs allowed in the accommodation?
  • Are there size or breed restrictions?
  • Are there restrictions on the number of dogs you can have?
  • Is there an extra charge or a cleaning fee for dogs?
  • Are dogs required to be on-leash?
  • Are there dog-friendly parks in the area?
  • What about off-leash parks or beaches?
  • Are dogs allowed on walkways, paths, or trails?
  • What about in stores, galleries, wineries, or other locals attractions?
  • Do I need proof of vaccinations or a health certificate?

Keep in mind that there are no right or wrong answers here. Some people may really want to visit a place where their dog can romp off-leash, while for others that aren’t as important or could even be a deterrent. The answers to these questions will help you.

Pet Friendly Accommodation Victoria


Emergencies and travelling with your pets – some good advice

Pets have to be paid extra special attention because of the amount of stress that can be involved with travelling and to avoid little accidents. A fun and exciting holiday can easily turn into a disaster if not properly prepared for any possible dilemmas that pets could friendly attractions mornington peninsula

During the trip to and from your accommodation make sure that the pets get plenty of toilet breaks and rest stops. Having a moment to burn off some extra steam and energy will help everyone relax easier while travelling without the tense feeling of being cooped up. Stretching should be done during these moments to help muscles and blood flow as well as hydrating and taking a moment to eat.

Keep in mind that pets are a part of the family and need to be comfortable as well. If bringing a dog, for example, make sure to pack all of the dogs bedding, blankets, toys, and treats so that the dog too can have simple smells and reminders of home to keep them happy.

For pets, be sure to have at the contact information to at least three different emergency veterinarians near the vacation destination. Just like people, an animal needs somewhere to go in case an emergency happens. Avoid this panic by having this information prepared and available while on vacation. Each of our pet-friendly accommodation options has an informative information booklet incorporating details such as these.


Have a pet-friendly holiday in Mornington Peninsula

Mornington Peninsula has many dog-friendly beaches that are ideal for bringing home to shake onto the rug.

Blue Moon Lifestyle LR 321 croppedThe one place our dog (Paddington) loves is the beach at Blairgowrie, it is the beach “du jour” for dogs and he loves to come together with all the other dogs and play. The only problem is when we take him down there he never wants to leave and runs off before we can catch him. He’s sneaky like that… (Camerons Bight 157 G11 Beach area between Stringer Road, Sorrento & Blairgowrie and Monument to the 1803 first settlers).

There are a number of cafes, restaurants and attractions that cater to pets ie. water bowls and areas to tie them up:

  • Peninsula Pantry – best breakfast and quick lunches – they have a bowl of water and happy for your pooch to be tied up outside
  • Green Olive at Red Hill – tapas all day – wine and olive oil tasting – on a leash your pooch can sit with you on the deck.  This is a quintessential gourmet venue on the Peninsula.  Taste everything they grow on the property by way of tastings, tapas or just browse the shop and buy up the goodies.  Everything is made from the land!  How good is that.


Comfy beds for everyone at Ocean Blue Coastal Retreat

At Ocean Blue Coastal Retreat, “Pet-Friendly” means:

  • You can bring your dogs and cats.
  • Your pet is allowed inside.
  • Each property is fully fenced (always best to still talk to us about just exactly how big, active, mischievious…you pet is – we can then recommend properties based on your feedback).
  • Each of our properties has a brochure of dog-friendly parks and beaches.
  • St Ives Cottage has a large garden and is fully fenced perfect for pets whereas a steep natural vegetation border creates a boundary at The Arthouse – not always perfect for the escape artist sort of dog?).
  • We supply a bucket which includes a bowl for food and water, towel for a rub down after the beach and a little doggie treat!
  • Walk from any of our accommodation and within minutes you will be at a beach or walking track, where your pets can run and play.

Pet Friendly Accommodation Mornington Peninsula

If you love your pet, the Mornington Peninsula and gourmet treats then you may be interested in Gourmet Pawprints.

Also, think about those less fortunate and all the charitable organisations that help make canine lives better…we support Rescued with Love and The Lost Dogs Home and hope they get a chance at some pet-friendly accommodation Mornington Peninsula sometime soon.


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