Top 12 Things to do for a Girls Getaway on the Mornington Peninsula

Have some fun on a Getaway with the Girls: Exploring the Mornington Peninsula


What would we do without our girlfriends? When the chaos of life threatens to turn us into stressed-out zombies, our girl squad swoops in like a band of caffeinated superheroes, armed with laughter, wine, and an unspoken pact to never let each other take life too seriously. It’s not just about sharing secrets; it’s about sharing in the ridiculousness of life’s mishaps. From bad hair days to embarrassing dance moves, our girlfriends not only bear witness but encourage us to embrace our inner weirdness. So, when the opportunity for a getaway emerges, it’s not just a holiday – it’s a survival strategy, a glorious escapade where the laughter flows as freely as the wine, and “getting lost” becomes an adventure in itself. These getaways aren’t just about the destination; they’re about the journey we take together, a journey filled with inside jokes, epic photo fails, and a unanimous decision to leave adulting at the door. Because with our girl tribe, every moment is a chance to sprinkle some glitter on life’s chaos and dance like nobody’s watching. So, here we have the best ideas for the perfect Girls Getaway on the Mornington Peninsula.

Point Leo Estate Sculpture with Western Port in the distance
Pt. Leo Estate | Mornington Peninsula

1. Point Leo Sculpture Park: Where Art Meets Nature

We highly recommend a visit to Point Leo Estate which is perfect for a Girls Getaway on the Mornington Peninsula. Start with a wine tasting, move on to the cafe for lunch and finish with a stroll around the Sculpture park. These amazing sculptures have a backdrop of Western Port and Phillip Island in the distance. So many instagrammable moments.

Girls Getaway group of girls in one of the Peninsula Hot Springs pools
Peninsula Hot Springs

2. Peninsula Hot Springs: Soak Away Your Cares

OK, so you might have to show a bit of flesh but you are among your best friends, so don’t worry. What could be better for a Girls Getaway on the Mornington Peninsula than a soak in the thermal waters at the Peninsula Hot Springs? And if you have been there and done that already, then across the road is the newly opened Alba Thermal Springs. We have you covered with our Peninsula Hot Springs Packages, so just call us and we can organise everything.

Alba Thermal Springs

3. The Cups Estate: Sip, Savour, and Share

Just around the corner from the Peninsula Hot Springs or Alba Thermal Springs is The Cups Estate. Perfectly located for a lunch after your bathing and a wine tasting perhaps. The wine here is truly lovely and so is the food. Its probably not a winery you have heard of and it doesn’t have the sweeping scenery of Red Hill but it still has a lovely view across The Cups (the name given to the grass covered sand dunes that make up the area). Book and you won’t be disappointed.

Shopping in Sorrento
Jesse Hisco | Mornington Peninsula

4. Sorrento Shopping: Retail Therapy with a View

Trust us…you will think you are in Hawksburn Village. Although some main stream brands have arrived in Sorrento it is still full of lovely independent shops. We love Antipodes bookshop if you are a bookworm and Coastal Living for furniture and for some pre-loved great quality items try The Connie Collector.


5. Millionaire’s Walk: A Stroll in Elegance

The Millionaires Walk is not much of a hidden secret anymore (although the entry to it is a little tricky to find). There is a gate in Lentell Avenue where you feel like you are entering someones secret garden but this is the start of the walk. Then as you enter you can’t quite believe that you are walking in the front gardens.

6. Red Hill Rail Trail: Coffee and Conversations

If walking in the trees is where your girls get their energy then we highly recommend a walk along the Red Hill Rail Trail. Stop for coffee at the Red Hill Cellar and Pantry at one end of the trail or Merricks General Store at the other, both have great food options and Merricks General Store has a shop – The Traders – which is a favourite and means more shopping. Yay! The trail is 12km return but do what we do and park a car at Merricks General Store, hop into another with all your crew and head to Red Hill Cellar and Pantry and start the walk one way from there (with takeaway coffee of course) you’ll end up back at your other car and only do a 6km downhill walk. We know we are lazy but there is so much more to see today.

Portse Hotel with views of the ocean from the terrace

7. Portsea Hotel: Seaside Charm and Coastal Cuisine

The recently renovated Portsea Hotel is where it’s all happening on the weekends. Get in with the in crowd and relish fresh seafood and breathtaking ocean views. Perfect for a larger gathering choose a table outside anytime of year.


8. Fish and Chips on Rye Beach: Classic Delights by the Shore

Oh we do love to be beside the seaside! and then Fish and chips is a must. Grab your takeaway and a sneaky bottle of wine and head with your girls to the beach. Find a unused bathing box and use the deck as your table. Watch out that sand gets everywhere.

9. Horseriding along Gunnamatta: A Gallop of Adventure

Wanting a little more adventure on your Girls Getaway on the Mornington Peninsula then we can recommend a horseback ride along Gunnamatta Beach with Gunnamatta Trail Rides. It’s thrilling to ride along the ocean with the power of the horse beneath you as you explore the stunning coastline.

Peninsula Treats

10. Platter Nibbles and Drinks: Bonding in Comfort

That first night away always calls for a platter and some wine (actually lots of wine). Don’t worry about who should bring what. Just add a sweet or savoury platter (or both) to your booking and we will have your treats ready in the fridge for your arrival. Share stories, play games, and have fun and revel in the joy of each other’s company.

Le Bouchon19 6083

11. Special Dinner at La Bouchon: Celebrate Friendship and Fine Dining

Our most favourite restaurant for a special occasion is Le Bouchon in Balnarring. Stepping into this restaurant is like being transported to Paris. The decor, the staff and the food is Tres Bien.

12. Yoga at Hot Hut: Finding Zen Together

Our favourite Zen place is Hut Yoga, perfect for allowing your friends to connect with your inner selves and set a positive tone for the day ahead.

The perfect Girls Getaway Accommodation

We have many properties that are perfect for Girls Getaways on the Mornington Peninsula and these are just a selection. Book today and share the cost of a weekend away. We have great deals available that will add even more value. Will see you soon. X