Top 7 things our guests say about our Holiday Rental

Holiday Rentals Mornington Peninsula Style

What do you look for in a holiday rental property?

How do you know the Peninsula holiday rentals property you are searching for will be up to standard?  Will you get there and the photographs are nothing like the real thing?  Does the condition of the property leave a lot to be desired?

There is nothing worse than paying very good money to get a very disappointing standard of accommodation where the owner has just taken your money and not thought about the service.

We thought we would share with you some of the things that our guests say about us and in doing so it will become a checklist of what to do when choosing your Holiday Rentals Mornington Peninsula Style or anywhere else for that matter:

  1. Attention to detail – this is our catchcry and something we are passionate about.  When you are looking for accommodation, have the owners made Peninsula holiday rentals that are going to be part of your enjoyment not just a place to rest your head.  This might not matter to you but it does VERY MUCH matter to us.  Are there little details in the decor and the bedding and extras thrown in for no extra charge?  If so, then the owners are providing a service as well as a piece of real estate.  They want you to enjoy what they enjoy and apart from ourselves the one establishment that did that in spades was Thorn Park on the Island, this magical property at Penneshaw on Kangaroo Island ticked all the boxes with the hosts sharing everything that they obviously enjoyed.   So when you next look out for accommodation ask yourself how much attention to detail has gone into this residence.  What do we get for our money?  Which brings us to point 2.
  2. Value for Money – we all want value for money but how do we know we are getting it.  Booking a Peninsula holiday rentals property is very cost effective especially when travelling with a family or in a group but what things can you look out for to ensure you are getting value.  Well, point 1 is a fair indication.  Look for those things that are extras.Ensure you check that the following is included and not add on extras:Bedding
    Basic Basket of Kitchen Items (nobody wants to bring half the kitchen sink when they go away)
    Basic Toiletries (soap, shampoo etc – most people bring their own personal toiletries but it is nice to know there is a bar of soap at the sink!)
    Entertainment – books, magazines, games, DVD’s these extras are fun to search through especially for kids.
    Free wifi – this is now an essential item in our minds and everyone of our properties needs to offer this service.
    Logs for the fire – firewood can be expensive but nobody wants the responsibility to go out and source local wood while they are on holiday.  Pickup up wood from a rambling block is a different matter, it is fun to get out there with a basket and collect but the wood needs to be available and preferably in a wood shed.
    BBQ Gas (and a spare) – you never want to run out of BBQ gas just as you are getting dinner ready.These are small things we know but they show a level of customer service that our guests have come to expect.  A lot of these items are costly to supply so when you are looking at the price of accommodation just remember that if you are getting all of the above included then the price needs to be looked at differently and you need to work out the value for money.  $100 per night accommodation is certainly going to charge you extras for all of the above and then you may find out what you are really paying for is a $200 per night property or just inferior facilities and especially service that you will certainly remember for all the wrong reasons after you leave.
  3. Welcoming – after a long trip to get to your destination it is always comforting to know there will be someone there to look after you… but hold on you don’t get that with holiday rentals?  This is a hard one to assess before you leave, we know that our guests love the fact that although we can’t be there to meet and greet them, we leave on lights, music and heating or cooling for their arrival.  It is our “Remote Welcome”.
  4. Comfort and Warmth – check out the standard of bedding and furniture for comfort.  Confirm what heating is available in winter – log fire, additional heaters, ducted heating?  and in summer is there air conditioning in at least one part of the house to cool you on those sweltering days.
  5. Cleanliness – we know this is a given and hard again to assess before you go away but odds are that if the holiday property is accredited with some sort of RACV rating or has won awards then they are not the sort of establishment to cut corners in the cleaning stakes as this is an ABSOLUTE ESSENTIAL item.
  6. Pet Friendly – our guests love to be able to bring along their pets – make sure that there is provision for your pets including a secure garden or courtyard and basic bowls and towels for a wipe down after a day at the beach.  Also, make sure you read the terms and conditions on what and where your pet can do and lounge.  Generally, pets on furniture and bedding is a big NO NO.
  7. Perfect for families – we advertise family friendly accommodation so make sure there is something to keep the kids entertained or at least activities around to keep them amused.  Great accommodation will give you itineraries for kids.

This is by no means and exhaustive list, really what it comes down to is DO YOUR HOMEWORK and make sure that the holiday rental ticks all your boxes.

Let us know which accommodation you found ticked all the boxes. X

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