Wouldn’t it be cool if…

Here we go again, another week….I have to admit to be feeling a bit flat this week.  It seems to be taking that little extra bit of effort to keep going and to keep my spirits up. 

I saw an analogy the other day, where someone described this time we are living in as like walking along on a beach in the fog….we can’t see the life we left behind us anymore and we are squinting to see what awaits us in the future, how life will look….so we just keep on walking…taking one step at a time, that’s all we can do.  

Reading this week

This week I am reading a book called Creating the Impossible by Michael Neill.  It is a 90-day programme to get your dreams out of your head and into the world.  At the start of the programme he asks us to think of dreams that we would never imagine being able to achieve and argues that if we just open our minds and not fall into being ‘realistic’, we may surprise ourselves and actually make them happen.  

When I am not working at Ocean Blue, which I do 3 days a week, I am a painter.  When I paint I have learnt (though I am always a work in progress), that if I want something to happen, I have to have faith and turn up and paint.  I have no idea at the start of a painting what it will look like at the end and I have learnt to be comfortable with this process, knowing that if I turn up at the canvas and paint, something good will come eventually…even if it is just experience. 

If I manage to get out of my own head and out of my own way something I really love often happens, and coincidentally those are often the paintings that resonate with others too.  Of course, there will be paintings that just don’t work, probably because I was over thinking, but that’s okay too…you just learn to let them go and move on. 

I feel this could be true in life or with any dream or goal. 

#1 The key is that you have to start.  It doesn’t matter what it looks like, but take the first step.  Starting will break the cycle of avoidance.  Nothing is gained from not starting. 

#2 It brings you into the present.  Once you start, you get excited and seduced by the process and it opens up new avenues and ways of thinking….forcing you to live in the present.  We often feel impatient at this phase, but it really is the most fun, the excitement of curiosity and learning new things. Yes, challenges and obstacles arise, but often the best things come from tough places and new discoveries are made.  

#3 Try not to get attached to outcome…we have no control over how things will work out, but this may be the coolest thing you have ever achieved.  If you never start you will never know.

In Creating the Impossible they ask ‘What would you like to create in your life, in your work, or in the world, even if you knew you might fail’.  Think of the following sentence and finish it as many times as you like, keeping an eye out for anything that makes you grin or giggle.

Wouldn’t it be cool if…

Albert Einstein quote

St Andrew's Beach

Loving this week…

  1. Receiving surprise cupcakes from a friend as a thank you and loving seeing how innovative local businesses have been. 
  2. Sending cupcakes to people we miss…paying the pleasure forward and hoping it makes them smile. 
  3. Receiving packages in the post.  We have ordered a few things lately…shhhhh…and we have now forgotten what…so it’s like Christmas everytime deliveries arrive! (Not encouraging bad shopping behaviour, of course!)
  4. Part of the bad shopping behaviour has been buying each other gifts (that’s our excuse and we are sticking to it! haha)
  5. Finding great local take-aways!  One of our local cafes has diversified into take-aways, and it is so wonderful to be able to get amazing, real food as a take-away.  If you are anywhere near Frankston we recommend the Nature Cafe Bar, who do the most amazing vegan burgers and curries. We are not vegan, but would choose this over any other take away right now. 
  6. Supporting local businesses…an added spin-off pleasure to ordering great local takeaway and cupcake deliveries.  
  7. Writing these posts…I am really loving writing these posts and we are loving receiving your lovely replies.   
  8. My book of the week as mentioned before Creating the Impossible by Michael Neill.
  9. Appreciating all the people, places and things that we are missing.  We will certainly live life differently and appreciate things more when we can again.
  10. The mild Winter we have had this year…the weather has been pretty amazing don’t you think?

Cupcakes by Corkie’s Creations